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Statue of Liberty replica in Nice, France

Statue of Liberty replica in Nice, France

Definition of Liberty

The quality or state of being free:

a : the power to do as one pleases

b : freedom from physical restraint

c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control

d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges

e : the power of choice

Synonyms of Liberty

Right, franchise, autonomy, priviledge, authorization, independence, suffrage, free speech

Well, there are all kinds of Liberty:

Let's focus on a great place to find Liberty: Fair Promise


Fair Promise is the next generation social network based on the peopleís social commitment, aiming to become a top 3 social network and a complement for Facebook and Twitter. Fair Promise is an action engine which transforms promises (ideas, dreams, concepts) into actions. Fair Promise reduces the gap between peopleís expectancies and reality and offers them a platform for accomplishments and achievements of realistic goals providing innovative project and risk management tools made extremely simple to improve their daily activities (users from 5 to 100 years old targeted differently according to their age, location).

Fair Promise is a free site promoting in a playful way justice, responsibility, fair play and educational values. Fair Promise is a personal, professional, political and social barometer.

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With a potential to reach 1 million users in 60 to 70 cycles and a viral behavior based on a highly emotional message, Fairpromise can become source for many web services and online and offline rich media format applications and games.

Introducing ethics in business, personal and political life Fairpromise encourages real life events and online activities and establishes the first (expected) bridge between reality and the virtual world.

Fairpromise measures the impact of a promise or a challenge (same thing, different approach) on a selected audience, through the universal concept of the promise and challenge. Fairpromise uses the credit for monetization and interaction between users and to keep it funny.

The promise/challenge is presented in a written, audio or video format, making it attractive to an evolving media and suitable for sharing and integration on any platform (Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

Fairpromise offers a unique opportunity to transform credit in money through the CreditradeTM, a tool which allows users to buy credit (coins) from each other using the Fairpromise platform.

Ordinary people come to Fairpromise for fun or for money, for custom education programs for their children or students or to reach achievable goals in their daily tasks.

Public people and VIPs come on Fairpromise to increase their visibility making promises and challenging each other and measure their popularity.

Business people come to create and manage actions (projects, contracts, events, etc) and to negotiate win-win situations, create challenges to increase personal or company's image, create contests to increase sales or to post projects to increase productivity with the innovative management system that allows anyone to deploy very complex projects in a simple way using the web platform or the mobile phone.

Companies are interested to present new product features, events (offers, deals, sales, etc.). Fairpromise lets users to manage groups. Supplementary features for groupís dynamic allow users to syndicate and to implement different strategies using the groupís power.

Fairpromise is multilingual allowing an international exposure and interaction. Fairpromise economical model is based on several independent, verified templates:

1. User addiction: promise more, earn more credits: FP assesses the credit transaction between users;

2. Ticket system: Online and/or offline help to model contracts, projects or other promises.

3. Fun (Strategy layer for advanced users): Allows users to create strategies, define groups etc.

4. Incentives and Gifts: Diplomas, Mugs, T-shirts or stuffed animals, toys (choice offered for rewards at the end of a promise, targeting 15-25 years) standard/customized models available;

5. Advertising: Advertising solutions on several supports (web, mobile technology) based on PPC, MPC, PPA, and pay per plan, (advertising objects & pay per click).

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