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New York Central Catskill Mountain Branch


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Catskill Mountain Branch of New York Central, former Ulster & Delaware

Welcome to our Catskill Mountain Railroad WebSite

Here's a preview of some of the exciting projects we have put together for you:

Our feature article is an extensive history of
The Catskill Mountain Branch

Next, check out the current status of the branch.

Now, find out some more background on the branch. See Why the NY Central acquired the Ulster & Delaware . Read about strange places on the Catskill Mountain Branch . See about Kingston freight schedules . Read how there were once trains from Beantown .

Follow the path of the Catskill Mountain branch on Google Earth .

The Catskills are "snow country. See a story on snow plows on the branch and see our snow railroad pictures section.

Important to the Catskills and the railroad are the reservoirs which are the heart of the New York City water supply .

Milk and express were important on the branch. Learn more about head end equipment operated by the New York Central and see some New York Central Railroad pictures ;
as well as a postcard view of Big Indian .

Don't miss our Reference Section

Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!
Postcard view of Big Indian
Post card view of Big Indian. Balsam Mountain is in the distance.

This card is from my collection which I found in St Joseph, Michigan.

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The Catskill Mountain Branch
Current-era Status of Track

In 2006, there has been a debate on turning some of the abandoned line into a bike/hike trail. This may have resulted because the various organizations that have worked hard to preserve sections of the line have not worked hard enough. So, they have begun to work even harder and have initiated bold brush-cutting and repair activities.

The tracks from Kingston to Boiceville are not in use, but the row is well maintained.

The Catskill Mountain RR operates the tracks from Cold Brook to Phoenicia.

The Catskill does not operate south to Boiceville due to the bridge over the river. It's a big bridge and it needs major work before trains move over it.

From Phoenicia north to the U&D tracks at Highmount, the tracks are still in place. The row has been washed away by floods and a bridge has been removed.

The D&U (Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride) is the excursion train over the ex-U&D tracks. The D&U operates from Highmount to Roxbury. The tracks north of Roxbury were torn up a few years ago due to a sewer project.

The Empire State Railway Museum is in Phoenicia.

Check out a map from Employee Timetable.
Here is another great map of the Catskill Mountain Branch. There are now some new "old" pictures of the Catskill Mountain available.

Brush is being cleared with the goal of clearing the whole line, but prioritizing as follows:
1) areas where applications are being made for grants to rehabilitate the line for tourist service (along the reservoir, especially MP 16 to 22),
2) areas that are considered public eyesores and generate negative publicity (Kingston, MP 3 to 6),
3) parts of the line that otherwise have no access for basic maintenance (for cleaning culverts, etc.) and are needed for equipment movements (MP 6 to 16),
and 4) the Phoenicia to Highmount section (MP 28 to 41.4).

The potential grant areas are the highest priority, as those who evaluate the grants usually want to see the line, and there is no other access to the reservoir sections except by track car.

Focus has been along the reservoir and in Kingston, and when these are done, work on closing the gap between MP 6 and 16 (so equipment can be moved over the whole line). If time permits, the hope is to open up the Pine Hill to Highmount section, which has great interest as it contains the horseshoe curve.

The CMRR also wants to do some tiework in Kingston so they can move equipment up the line and bid on potential freight service there. The Kingston Trolley Museum also has some interest in running one of their self-propelled trolleys in this section to generate publicity for the Trolley Museum, and to help get the city of Kingston interested in assisting them reconnect the Museum to the CMRR tracks (there is a 1/2 mile gap).

The Phoenicia to Highmount section is not in the CMRR's current plans for freight or tourist service because of the terrible washouts west of Phoenicia, but the areas are very scenic, and they plan to open up sections for track car use as time permits (such as the horseshoe curve mentioned above), but this is a second priority to the Phoenicia to Kingston section.

By Ken Kinlock at

Several years ago I wrote a story on the major railroads of 1950 and what happened to them.

Now I am following up with a closer examination of the New York Central Railroad. This railroad only lasted until 1968 when it merged into Penn Central.

But, what was the NY Central Railroad like in 1950?

You will also be interested in "What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen"

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Railroads in New York State

All-time list of railroad names in New York State

Some interesting things about New York State Railroads, mostly New York Central Railroad

The one source to go to for railroad history.

Even more great railroad links.

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Catskill Mountain Branch -- The Whole Story

New York Central's Catskill Mountain Branch (originally the Ulster & Delaware, bought by NYC in 1932) ran from Rondout (Kingston Waterfront) to Oneonta, with a branch from Phoenicia over Stony Clove Notch to Hunter and Kaaterskill.

The Hunter and Kaaterskill branches were abandoned by NYC in 1940.

The main line was cut back to Bloomville by NYC in 1965.

It lasted through Penn Central, and operated for about 6 months under Conrail, then was entirely abandoned in 1976.

Ulster County bought the portion from the West Shore main to the Delaware County border (Highmount/Grand Hotel); the City of Kingston bought the portion from the West Shore down to Rondout; and the 7 towns through which it ran in Delaware County bought the portion from Highmount to Bloomville.

The Trolley Museum operates the Rondout portion; track and possible bridge issues have prevented regular operation up the grade west of their main building. They are attempting to address the problems, but it ain't cheap or easy.

There is rail in place on virtually the entire right of way through Ulster County, but there are plenty of washouts, and no tie replacements for 30 years means almost everything has to be completely rebuilt before any operation. Catskill Mountain RR has a lease on this whole portion. They have operated for many years from Mt. Pleasant to just west of Phoenicia; after years of trying, they have finally got permission to cross Rt 28 at Mt Pleasant, and hope to operate an additional 4 or so miles this summer to Cold Brook, near Boiceville, where a bridge problem will stop them for now.

West of Phoenicia, the Woodland Valley Creek bridge was indeed washed out several years ago, and subsequently removed by the Ulster County Highway Dept, who feared it would get carried into one of their road bridges by the next flood.

Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride operates from their Arkville base both east to Highmount, and west to Roxbury. Rails between Roxbury and Grand Gorge were indeed removed for sewer and water mains, but this has a major silver lining: The right-of-way deal required the town to regrade afterwards in a way suitable for tracklaying, and restoration of this stretch definitely remains on the DURR agenda. Biggest problem is engineering a new highway crossing just west of Roxbury, where the old highway overpass was removed and the highway laid on the old right-of-way -- tricky, but probably possible. That, and money.

Grand Gorge west to Bloomville is a rail trail maintained by DURR's parent organization.

A few miles from Oneonta east was operated as a tourist line by the Delaware & Otsego in the late 1960's, until condemned by the building of I-88 - this is where Walter Rich got his start in railroading. It's probably forever gone because of the Interstate, and restoring a through route to Oneonta would be extremely difficult.

A few of us real dreamers would like to restore the whole thing from Kingston as far as West Davenport, and connect there with the old Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley (most of the grade still extant), to the modern day CACV tourist line, for through service from Kingston to Cooperstown. (There's a highway underpass under I-88 in almost the right place, that would have room to sneak a railroad through.) THERE would be a tourist line! Only $80 - $100 million, a drop in the bucket if we can get some unified support together behind it -- Ulster County is spending that much just on a new jail!

Steve Delibert, President U&DRRHS
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Just Around the Corner by Bertrande H. Snell

Bertrande H. Snell, author of the following article, a native of Parish, Oswego County, N.Y., was a telegrapher all his working life. For many years he was employed by the New York Central Railroad, and for 33 years was a telegrapher for Western Union in Syracuse.

Bertrande Snell commenced his writing career with the Syracuse Syracuse Post-Standard in 1945 and continued it until shortly before his death in 1949. His columns were primarily of a reminiscent or historical nature, which included railroad stories.

If you like his column, we have more.
Syracuse Post-Standard, Oct. 12, 1947

Just Around the Corner
by Bertrande Snell

Ah, but there's bad news in the North Country!

Through the outer fastness of Daysville, in the farm-homes of New Haven; among the denizens of the pretty village of Mexico, and deep in the hearts of North Scriba's strawberry growers there's a pulsing sadness and a feeling of bitter anguish.

Fate, in the form of an official order, approved by governmental sanction, has struck at last...And there will be no more passenger trains on the Hojack between Pulaski and Oswego. October 1. was the fatal day - a day which may be appropriately draped in somber black on future Oswego calendars.

Old-timers, who have been watching developments were not too much surprised at the culmination of this tragedy - they had seen it coming - but when, at last, the blow fell, they were none the less saddened and disgruntled.

For many years there have been no passenger trains on the west end of the Hojack from Oswego to Suspension Bridge - a mighty long stretch of rails. More and more curtailed has become the service on other Hojack divisions - and now this, the latest and saddest blow of all!

Why, I can recall when there were eight passenger trains puffing daily between these two points - and they carried a lot of passengers, too.

In the early 90's, you could stand in the window of Trainmaster Jimmy Halleran's Oswego office and see a whole lot of railroad activity. to the west were the big railroad yards, the roundhouse and the shops, presided over by Pete Lonergan, and to the east you could watch the trains rolling in over the bridge - practically one right behind the other!

That, folks, was long before they started to grow greensward between the rails for decorative purposes. That was the day when railroaders were salty and sassy, locomotive smokestacks long and bell-crowned; and every other brakeman you met was short his right thumb as the result of a losing battle with a recalcitrant coupling pin. Badges of honor we deemed these foreshortened digits - symbols of service and guardians of grim accomplishment.

At the turn of the century you could leave Pulaski by train for Oswego at 7:30 a.m., 11:20 a.m., 3:15 p.m., or 7;05 p.m., as your fancy might dictate - and there were four other trains leaving Oswego, eastbound, at appropriate intervals. In those days, Pulaski depot was a busy place. Agent Austin was in charge, with a telegrapher, a clerk and a baggage man to assist him. Later, Harry Franklin took over the agency, to be succeeded by Earl Benson, who in turn gave way to John Benedict.

On your way to Oswego in those days, your first stop was Daysville - there's not even a depot there now - where you would see Agent Marty Sampson (or, perhaps, Bert Shear) hustling out to the baggage car. After no undue hesitation here, you chugged on to Mexico, where presided the veteran Matthewson, who adorned that one depot for more than 50 years. Then on to New Haven, whose station agent was another old-timer, even then, Ed Prior, who still lives there, was in charge of the New Haven depot from 1895 until 1941 - and I have never heard of his growing old!

The last stop, east of Oswego, was North Scriba (Lycoming), where the big strawberries came from. Here labored George Murphy as the Hojack representative. In the same capacity, George went later to Parish, and still later to Phoenix, where he continued as agent until his retirement, some three years ago. He still dwells in Phoenix and he'll feel sorry, too, about those ghost trains that no longer haunt the rails.

There are still three veteran station agents left on the Pulaski-Oswego line: Ray Geer at Pulaski, Ed Dayton at Mexico and Charlie Lodge at Lycoming - but any one of these will freely admit that "she ain't what she used to be" - and they won't be referring to the "old grey mare," either!

Well, the fast trains are going faster and faster - and the slow trains are going fast, too. The sturdy hands that gripped the throttles of the big, old steam hogs are, one by one, growing pulseless and cold; the keen eyes that peered ahead from the cab windows have closed in their last long sleep, and the rusty, grass-grown rails vibrate no more to the impact of the big drive wheels - except when the tri-weekly local freight goes plodding by!

In the old days, railroading was a rugged job and railroaders were a rugged company. They were rough, they were ready,. And not so very steady - But they got there just the same.

I recall a favorite story that Barney Fidler, Hojack fireman for many years, used to tell with great glee. Barney claimed his uncle Mort was the best locomotive engineer that every yanked a throttle on the Hojack or any other road. He sat on the right side of the cab for more than 40 years - and then, all of a sudden-like, he took sick, and died at the age of 71.

There was a big funeral. Everybody for miles around came to pay their respects to the memory of the old man; for he had been a friend to everybody and everybody's friend. After the services, they loaded uncle Mort into the open hearse and started for Little France burying ground. Everybody went along in their buggies and their "democrat' wagons. Barney claimed it was the longest funeral procession ever seen in Oswego county. As the cortege approached the cemetery gate, the deceased pushed up the casket-lid with a powerful hand, and leaned on one elbow, gazed back at the long, apparently interminable string of carriages.

"By Jumpin' Jickety," shouted the old hogger, "She's sure a mighty long drag - betcha the drinks we have to double into the graveyard."

Anyway - that's how Barney used to tell it.
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Grand Central Terminal and the New York City Subway

This page is our gateway to New York City. Find out about the New York Central Railroad's Grand Central Terminal. Explore the fabulous New York City Subway System. Learn who Robert Moses. was and his impact on New York City. Understand New York City transit planning, West Side Freight Line (the "High Line") and St Johns terminal. The New Haven Railroad and the Long Island Railroad reached into New York City. Did you know the Lehigh Valley Railroad even went into New York City (by ferry). Learn about the Jenney Plan to bring commuters into New York City and finally explore mysterious track 61 at Grand Central Terminal with its relationship to Presidents of the United States.

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Interesting Railway Stations

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Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!

Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!

The Catskill Mountain railroad was built in stages and later abandoned in stages. In 1870 it only ran to Shandaken, by 1872 it reached Roxbury and made it to Stamford by 1875. Hobart was reached in 1884. Bloomville became the end of the line in 1891. Oneonta, the final goal, was reached in 1900. In 1965, the 21 miles from Oneonta to Bloomville were abandoned first. Regular service after 1965 only extended to Stamford, with service to South Kortright and Bloomville only on an "as needed" basis.

A feed store at Bloomville which was owned by GLF, later Agway was the last active customer for NY Central in Bloomville. Another feed company, C. E. Kiff at Delhi, also received carloads of grain at Bloomville after the O&W ended operation in 1957. Penn Central still served Bloomville infrequently until Conrail was created on April 1, 1976. Conrail then operated the Catskill Mountain Branch as a state-subsidized light density line for six more months. While the service still extended to Bloomville, the feed store had switched to trucks by then. In the 1960's, D&H built a bulk grain facility in Oneonta that served a lot of the Catskill Mountain branch plus where other railroads had closed their doors: Ontario & Western, Unadilla Valley, Oneonta Southern. Mostly a moot point because the farmers are a dying breed in the whole area.
Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!

Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!

Crossing Route 10: Old roadbed headed towards Oneonta. Note the unusual crossing of Route 10. It was diagonal and just had crossbucks protecting it.
Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!

Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!

Crossing Route 10: Old roadbed headed towards Stamford. Note the unusual crossing of Route 10. It was diagonal and just had crossbucks protecting it. From right to left, the Catskill Mountain Branch followed the Catskill Scenic Trail, crosses Route 10, ran alongside the Feed Store Rd, then paralled the Bloomville-West Harpersfield Rd.
Bloomville: End of the Line....Sort Of!

Bloomville: Sort of Famous Creamery

The Bloomville Creamery even had a bit of noteriety! Not only that, they made those New York State markers there too. As well as the creamery and sign company, Bloomville had a turntable, station, feed mill and passing tracks! Check out an old U&D employee timetable. This site is interesting too.

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Track 61
Here is a picture of Track 61. See what is so mysterious about Track 61 at Grand Central Terminal.. Also find out about a railroad that did NOT make it to Conrail: The New York & Harlem. Find out about Metro-North.
New York Central Branch from DeKalk Junction to Ogdensburg, In 1861, the Potsdam & Watertown line merged into the Watertown&Rome, the name of the new railroad was changed to Rome, Watertown&Ogdensburg, and a 19-mile line built from DeKalb Junction to Ogdensburg. It lasted until the 1980's. Read the whole story.
On June 13, 1845 the Troy & Greenbush Railroad opened between Troy and Greenbush, NY. It is the last link in an all-rail line between Boston and Buffalo. See more random dates in railroad history.
Isn't it amazing how much we all remember (and have forgotten about the NY Central)? 40 plus years? OMG, we rode parlors to Chatham and sleepers to the Adirondacks. Geez, we remember a lot. Why is all this stuff gone? Why did we have a PC and a Conrail.
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King Preferred Connecticut Freight Railroads

There is no "brrreeeport" in Connecticut, but there are plenty of towns that are served by freight railroads.

Search them out!

Tunnels and Bridges on the New York Central

Find out more!

Hudson River Tunnel

Head End

Railway Express and Railway Post Office
LCL on the New York Central
On passenger trains, railroads operated lots of equipment other than sleepers, coaches, dining cars, etc. This equipment was generally called 'head-end' equipment, these 'freight' cars were at one time plentiful and highly profitable for the railroads. In the heyday of passenger service, these industries were a big part of the railroad's operations, and got serious attention.
We have text and pictures not found elsewhere on the Web.
Crossing a bridge
The New York Central Railroad

See some historic photographs of the New York Central Railroad.

First-generation diesels! Passenger and freight runs. Much more!
Rotary plow
Railroads and Snow

See some historic photographs of the railroads in snow. Rotary plows in snow! Great stories of railroad action in Winter!

What ever happened to my Penn Central stock?

Penn Central gobbled up the stock of New York Central, Pennsylvania and New Haven Railroads. But what ever happened to the company and the stock? Is it worth anything?

Ever hear of American Premier Underwriters?

Find the answer and find out a lot of interesting facts.
Corsica Ferry

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Corsica Ferry
Which One of These People Hurt New York City Public Transit the Most?

Click on the picture to find the correct answer.
If you get the wrong answer, you will still see a good story!
Richard Nixon Robert Moses Jay Leno Adolph Hitler
Railroad Biographies George Alpert. Last President of the New Haven Railroad. Talking with Albert Einstein at Brandeis University Troop Trains
Troop Train Photo Album
Photos of a trip from Texas to New York City (World War II) as an armored division brings its equipment and troops to the port.

Railroads On The Rebound

Over the last 50+ years, railroads have changed a lot. Now they are about to change again.

It is all about a combination of economic factors and climate factors.

Since 1950 , railroads have consolidated. Freight moved from a "box car mentality" to a "unit train,mentality". Passenger went from a robust business to a "caretaker" arrangement called AMTRAK. This happened as everybody could drive for free on the Interstate Highway System or fly on an airline system where the government subsidized both airlines and airports. In the meantime, railroad express and railroad post offices went "down the tubes". The old Post Office Department and the Railway Express Agency could not adjust to the new way. UPS and Fex Ex could.
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