Since 1950 Over fifty years ago, Merle Armitage published a book called "The Railroads of America".
In it, he listed the major railroads of the time.
I took his list and tried to see where they all went.
I also compared to a 1980 source of Class 1 railroads.
Note:"Conrail" is listed as the final disposition because of the added complexity of integrating the final disposition of Conrail.
The Charleston & Western Carolina Railroad
Typical of railroads around in 1950 but gone in half a century was the C&WC.
The Charleston & Western Carolina Railroad was merged into the Atlantic Coast Line System after 1959. This GP-7 was painted in the ACL's scheme of Purple/silver but was lettered for the C&WC instead of ACL. When the ACL began repainting their units in the black/yellow stripe scheme the CN&L units were also repainted and renumbered.
For more details refer to the Book "ACL-the Diesel Years" by W. Calloway.
For more on Southeastern US railrtoads, visit
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Railroads Since 1950

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The New York Central Railroad in 1950

By Ken Kinlock at
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KC Jones
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Gone when? Name 1980? In between then and now 2000 1966 Mles
1982 Akron, Canton & Youngstown Railroad Yes Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern 171
1973 Alton & Southern Railroad No Purchased by Cotton Belt and Missouri Pacific Union Pacific
1963 Ann Arbor Railroad No Controlled by Wabash until 1963 then sold to DT&I;
1976 to Conrail;
then split up portions of the line in March 1976 and the remainder,
including the Lake Michigan car ferries, in 1980.
On October 1, 1977, Michigan Interstate Railway began operating the line.
In October 1988 a newly formed AA purchased.
the Frankfort to Toledo line
CN North America;
1995 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Yes Sante Fe BNSF
1983 Atlanta & West Point Railroad Yes Seaboard System CSX 226
1967 Atlantic Coast Line Railroad No Seaboard Coast Line CSX 5501
1973 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad No Chessie System CSX 5874
Current Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Yes
Iron Road Railways
Current Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company Yes
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company
Current Boston and Maine Railroad Yes Owned by Guilford Transportation Guilford Transportation
1976 Buffalo Creek Railroad No
1994 Cambria & Indiana Railroad Yes Bethlehem Steel Abandoned
Current Canadian National Railways Yes
CN Rail
Current Canadian Pacific Railway Yes
CP Rail [CP Limited]
1963 Central of Georgia No Southern Norfolk Southern 1745
1976 Central Railroad Company of New Jersey No
Conrail 630
1959 Charleston & Western Carolina Railway
Atlantic Coast Line CSX
1973 Chesapeake & Ohio No Chessie System CSX 5119
1996 Chicago & Illinois Midland Railway Yes
Illinois & Midland (Genesee & Wyoming Ind)
1995 Chicago & Northwestern Railway Yes
Union Pacific
1975 Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad No Purchased by Missouri Pacific.
An arrangement with the Wabash provided that railroad with entrance trackage and terminal facilities in the city itself.
This arrangement involved joint ownership of the C. & W.I. RR.

1963 Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad No Missouri Pacific (part)
Louisville & Nashville (part)
Union Pacific acquired Missouri Pacific;
CSX acquired L&N

1970 Chicago Burlington and Quincy No Burlington Northern BNSF
1968 Chicago Great Western Railway No Chicago and Northwestern Union Pacific
1980 Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Yes Bankrupt;
parts to numerous railroads
Union Pacific;

1971 Chicago, Indianapolis, & Louisville Railway No Renamed Monon;
went to Louisville & Nashville
CSX 541
1982 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
(Milwaukee Road)
Yes Bankrupt. Part to SOO.
Chicago-area commuter lines in METRA
CP Rail, shortlines or abandoned

1983 Clinchfield Railroad Yes
1981 Colorado and Southern Railway Yes
Current Columbus & Greenville Railway Yes Illinois Central 1972 Now CAGY
Current Delaware and Hudson Railroad Yes Guilford Transportation CP Rail System
1960 Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad No Erie Lackawanna Conrail
1988 Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Yes Southern Pacific Union Pacific
???? Detroit & Mackinac Railway

Lake States Railway
1981 Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad Yes Grand Trunk Western CN North America
1983 Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad Yes Grand Trunk Western CN North America
Current Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway Yes
Duluth Missabe and Iron Range
1961 Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railroad No Soo Line created by merger with Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault Ste Marie CP Rail
Current Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Yes One of several railroads owned by Transtar (50% owned by US Steel). Sold to CN in 2009 CN North America
1960 Erie Railroad No Erie Lackawanna Conrail
Current Florida East Coast Railway Yes
Florida East Coast
1971 Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway No CNW Union Pacific
1982 Fort Worth and Denver Railway Yes Colorado and Southern BNSF
1971 Georgia & Florida Railroad No Southern Norfolk Southern 321
1983 Georgia Railroad Yes Seaboard System CSX
Current Grand Trunk Western Railroad Yes
CN North America
1970 Great Northern Railway No Burlington Northern BNSF
1992 Green Bay & Western Railroad Yes
Wisconsin Central
1972 Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad No Illinois Central Gulf Illinois Central
Current Illinois Central Railroad Yes Illinois Central Gulf Illinois Central
1981 Illinois Terminal Railroad Yes Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern 338
Current Kansas City Southern Railway Yes
Kansas City Southern
1981 Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad Yes Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern
Current Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad Yes

1976 Lehigh & Hudson River Railway No To Conrail
some to NY, S&W
Conrail; NY,S&W 98
1960 Lehigh and New England Railroad No Lehigh and New England Railway Company;
some to Central Railroad of New Jersey;
later to Conrail; rest abandoned
1976 Lehigh Valley Railroad No
Conrail 1095
Current Long Island Railroad Yes Was owned by Pennsylvania but purchased by the State of New York. Metropolitan Transit Authority
1939 Louisiana & Arkansas Railway No Merged in 1939 but operated as a separate railroad Kansas City Southern
1982 Louisville and Nashville Railroad Yes
CSX 5697
Current Maine Central Railroad Yes
Guilford Transportation
1992 McCloud River Railroad Yes Acquired by Itel Corp in 1977.
Sold to 4-Rails in 1992 and renamed McCloud Railway

1967 Midland Valley Railroad No Texas & Pacific;
then Missouri Pacific
Union Pacific
1960 Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway No Chicago and Northwestern Union Pacific
1961 Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault St. Marie Railroad No Commonly known as the Soo Line,
the MSt.P&SSM merged with the original Wisconsin Central to create the "official" Soo Line in 1961.
CP Rail
1967 Mississippi Central Railroad No
1982 Missouri Pacific Railroad Yes
Union Pacific
1988 Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (KATY) Yes
Union Pacific
1975 Montour Railroad No Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Conrail 83
1957 Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railway No Louisville & Nashville CSX
1983 Nevada Northern Railway Yes Suspended operations when Kennecott mine closed Abandoned
1968 New York Central Railroad No Penn Central Conrail 9844
Current New York Susquehanna and Western Railroad Yes
Delaware Otsego
1964 New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad
(Nickel Plate)
No Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern
1968 New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad No Penn Central Conrail 1637
1957 New York, Ontario & Western Railway No {bankrupt} abandoned
1982 Norfolk & Western Railway Yes
Norfolk Southern 7057
1974 Norfolk Southern Railway No Southern Norfolk Southern 592
1970 Northern Pacific Railway No Burlington Northern BNSF
1950’s Northwestern Pacific Railroad No Southern Pacific Union Pacific
Current Ontario Northland Railway Yes Government of Ontario Ontario Northland
1968 Pennsylvania Railroad No Penn Central Conrail 9652
Current Peoria & Pekin Union Railway Yes

1969 Piedmont & Northern Railway No
CSX 136
1996 Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad Yes
Genesee and Wyoming Inc.
1964 Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway No Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern 132
Current Prescott & Northwestern Railroad Yes
Owned by Potlatch Co
1969 Pullman Company No Not really a railroad;
but was in the list
Amtrak (not really a railroad either!)
1975 Railway Express Agency, Inc. No Not really a railroad, but important in 1950 Bankrupt
1981 Raritan River Railroad Yes
1976 Reading Company No
Conrail 1284
1993 Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Yes Chessie CSX
1961 Rutland Railway No (bankrupt) Green Mountain Railroad;
Vermont Railway

1970, 1979 San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railway No Part to Mexican gov’t, part to San Diego MTDB Union Pacific;
Kyle Railways,

1971 Savannah & Atlanta Railway No Southern Norfolk Southern
1967 Seaboard Air Line Railroad No Seaboard Coast Line CSX 4123
1996 Southern Pacific Company Yes
Union Pacific
1982 Southern Railway Yes
Norfolk Southern 14027
1958 Spokane International Railroad No
Union Pacific
1970 Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway No
1996 St. Louis Southwestern Railway
(Cotton Belt)
Yes Southern Pacific Union Pacific
1980 St. Louis-San Francisco Railway
1968 Tennessee Central Railway No Abandoned; portions to Seaboard and Southern Norfolk Southern;
1971 Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway No Southern Norfolk Southern
1976 Texas & Pacific Railway No Missouri Pacific Union Pacific
1983 Toledo, Peoria & Western Railroad Yes (once part of Sante Fe)
Then Delaware Otsego
1987 Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo Railway Yes
CP Rail [CP Limited]
Current Union Pacific Railroad Yes
Union Pacific
1959 Virginian Railway No Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern
1964 Wabash Railroad No Norfolk & Western Norfolk Southern
1973 Western Maryland Railway No Chessie System CSX 1410
1982 Western Pacific Railroad Yes
Union Pacific
1964 Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Yes/No Nickel Plate Norfolk Southern
1952 Wichita Valley Railway No Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Company BNSF
1967 Winston-Salem Southbound Railway No
Norfolk Southern;

Current Wisconsin Central Railway No The original WC was formed in 1871.
It came under control of the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault St. Marie in 1909 through a 999 year lease.
In 1961 the two railroads were merged to create the Soo Line.
A newly formed WC purchased the Lake States Transportation Division of the Soo Line in 1987.
Wisconsin Central
2000 Youngstown & Southern Railway Yes Last Y&S train 1992.
In 1993/1994, the Little Beaver Creek RR (PL&W) operated it for a short time.
Rail Ventures Inc., purchased the Y&S from the Youngstown & Southern Railway Co. in 1996.
Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania Railway (CQPA) 46

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Tupper Lake Railroad Station

New York Central's Tupper Lake in 1950

Tupper Lake was once important for the New York Central. Tommy Meehan read a couple of articles about railroaders from the Adirondack Division. One article is about the Bashant family. Solomon Bashant was an Adirondack engineer who retired in 1950. His son Floyd also worked as a Adirondack engineman. In fact he fired for his father on the senior Bashant's last trip. That was in October 1950. Here's an excerpt from a story in the April 30, 1997 TUPPER LAKE FREE PRESS. The reference is to a story that appeared in the Utica newspaper the day after the last run:

With his son, Floyd W. Bashant of Tupper Lake, as fireman, Bashant started from Tupper Lake to Utica at 11:15 last night [October 1950] and came into Union Station on time, at 2:10 a.m., on his final run," the age-yellowed clipping continued. "I was born and raised in Tupper Lake," Floyd Bashant told the Free Press this week, "my dad was a railroad man and so were his four brothers." He was born in the junction, when it really was a junction of two railroads. "Tupper Lake was a much different place then," he said. "It's hard to believe how big that railroad yard was!" There were 30 or 40 men working as engineers, firemen, brakemen, and in the repair shop, he recalled. There was a repair shop here, and another one in Malone....Floyd said he went on with the railroad on November 11 of 1946. fresh out of the Navy, and worked as a fireman for four years before he was promoted to engineer in 1951, a year after he made the final trip with his father to Utica....He recalls a time when there were over 25 railroad engineers, operating crew members and brakemen living in Tupper Lake. "All but one of them lived in the downtown area of Tupper Lake.

I'm sure by the mid-1960s the operations had changed greatly. However, it does seem that as late as the 1950s the crews did change at Tupper Lake. I know people say if you weren't around back then you would never believe what a busy place Tupper Lake used to be. It all began to change in the 1950s. I was sad to read several stories about Central railroaders who began resigning in the late 1950s because "the handwriting was on the wall."

As recently as 1952 Central operated four passenger trains a day over the Adirondack Division main from/to Utica. Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5. Nos. 2 and 3 were day trains running through between Utica and Lake Placid. Nos. 4 and 5 were night trains running through between Utica and Montreal. In addition, Nos. 104 and 105 were the Saranac Branch connection for Nos. 4 and 5, running between Lake Clear Jct. and Lake Placid. All the trains had connecting equipment for or from main line trains at Utica, too. No. 2 from Lake Placid connected with No. 55 at Utica, the ADVANCE EMPIRE STATE EXPRESS for Buffalo. Passengers could also connect (via 55) with nameless No. 5, a Buffalo-Chicago train with a Cincinnati sleeper. No. 2 also advertised a connection at Utica with No. 40, THE MISSOURIAN for New York City. No. 3 to Lake Placid connected at Utica from No. 40, THE MISSOURIAN from Chicago and No. 55 the ADVANCE EMPIRE STATE EXPRESS from New York City. No. 4 from Montreal connected at Lake Clear Jct. with No. 104 from Lake Placid, with a Lake Placid-New York City through sleeper and coach. At Utica No. 4 connected with No. 44 THE NEW YORK SPECIAL running Chicago-New York via Detroit. No. 4 also had a Montreal-Buffalo sleeper, connecting to No. 35 the IROQUOIS (Boston-Chicago train that ran via Cleveland) at Utica.No. 5 the night train to Montreal departed Utica at 3:00 AM. with a New York City-Lake Placid sleeping car and through coach from No. 21 THE NORTH STAR, a New York-Cleveland train (with a Toronto section). The Lake Placid cars were then handled by No. 105 between Lake Clear Jct. and Lake Placid. In addition, No. 5 picked up a Buffalo-Montreal sleeper at Utica from Train No. 46 the INTERSTATE LIMITED from Chicago via Detroit. As far as Tommy can determine, the two Montreal trains did not carry through cars to and from Montreal other than the Buffalo sleepers. It should be noted that Central operated an extensive New York City-Montreal service with Delaware Hudson via Albany. In addition, Central operated a joint Chicago-Montreal service via Detroit with Canadian Pacific. Eastbound the trip time was twenty-four hours by NYC-CP vs. twenty-seven hours via the Adirondack Division and No. 5. Westbound the trip could be made via CP-NYC in eighteen hours vs. twenty-four via Adirondack No. 4. The schedule at the right of the picture above is from September 1952. In the summer months an additional Utica-Lake Placid train operated with through equipment to/from New York City.#5 was sometimes called the “Mohawk”.In the summer 1952 TT, #55 also carried through coaches & a diner-lounge GCT to Lake Placid. Also in the summer TT, there was a twice-weekly Lake Placid / CHI through sleeper that connected to #35. #35 itself was from both GCT and BOS, combined at Albany.#46 was the Interstate Express and operated via CUT, not DET.
Nice Port

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Penn Central New Haven Railroad New York Central Railroad

Interested in Penn Central? New York Central? Pennsylvania Railroad? New Haven Railroad? or in the smaller Eastern US railroads? Then you will be interested in "What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen". You will also enjoy "Could George Alpert have saved the New Haven?" as well as "What if the New Haven never merged with Penn Central?"


List of Defunct US Railroads

JJ's Railroad Links
OId Trains Magazines Albany, New York

Not so Long Ago: Some tidbits from railroading magazines of the 1940's which seem so strange and out-of-place now.
Also a fictional plan (by Ken Kinlock) for mass transit in the Albany, New York area.

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