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Welcome to our New York Central Railroad Stations WebSite

This WebSite shows many of the stations that belonged to the old New York Central System. The station pictured here is in Utica, New York. The station was built between 1912 and May 1914, replacing an older structure dating from 1869. The building was designed by New York architects Stem and Fellheimer. The Boehlert Center at Union Station is a train station served by Amtrak and the Adirondack Scenic Railroad in Utica, New York. It is owned by Oneida County, and named for retired U.S. Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, R-New Hartford.

You will enjoy our New York Central Railroad Stations WebSite

New York Central Union Station in Utica, New York

Here's a preview of some of the exciting projects we have put together for you:

Our starting point is New York City's Grand Central Terminal


Leaving Grand Central Terminal we pass 125th Street Station in Harlem and cross into the Bronx at Mott Haven. Hudson Division trains turn out here while Harlem Division trains and "Yankee Trains" continue straight through the multi-track interlocking. Further on, the old Putnam Division branches out. Check out Harlem Division, Putnam Division and New Haven Railroad stations. As we reach the mighty Hudson River and head North, a swing bridge carrys a rail line South to Penn Station, today's destination for Amtrak. This line used to extend even further South and was known as the West Side Freight Line.

Following the Hudson River 33 miles North we come to Croton-Harmon.

This used to be two separate stations with Harmon being the larger of the two and also the site of the maintenance shops for the electric locomotives that entered New York City. Take a look at Croton and Harmon stations .

After Croton-Harmon, we roll through many old NY Central, now Metro-North Commuter Railroad, stations including Peekskill, Beacon, and Poughkeepsie.
On the other side of the Hudson River we notice another railroad. It is the West Shore. Meeting the West Shore at Kingston are the Wallkill Valley Branch heading through New Paltz to a meeting with the Erie Railroad; and the Catskill Mountain Branch to Oneonta. Our next stations are Rhinecliff and Hudson before arriving at Albany

At Schenectady, there was an interlocking that controlled access to the Troy & Schenectady Railroad. At Troy, the Troy Union Railroad hosted the New York Central, the Delware & Hudson and the Boston & Maine.

After going through Schenectady (home of the General Electric Company), Amsterdam and several other towns until we stop at Utica.

Utica was the base for the Adirondack and St Lawrence Divisions.

The Utica Union Station connected to the Lackawanna, Ontario & Western, and NY Central-owned West Shore.

The Adirondack Division went to Saranac Lake, with a branch to Lake Placid, then to Malone and finally to Montreal.

The St Lawrence Division went from both Utica and Syracuse to Watertown, Ogdensburg and Massena. A line went West to Oswego and on to Niagara Falls alongside Lake Ontario; stopping at many small towns like Wolcott.

Opened in 1999 the William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center is the long-distance ground travel (rail and bus) terminal serving the Syracuse, New York area. It is served by Amtrak, Greyhound Lines, and Trailways, and is located in the north of the city.

But the older stations that served Syracuse both before and after the tracks were elevated to preclude street running. Syracuse was important for freight because of the huge Dewitt Yard.

Rochester had many important industries including Kodak.

Their magnificant station disappeared before anybody could do anything about it. At least Albany and Syracuse converted to other uses while Utica is still active.

Buffalo Central Terminal was an important connection to many railroads.

It is also a rail history preservation project, a great urban redevelopment project, a railfan favorite, and IMPORTANTLY something that could help the economic recovery of Buffalo.

Tower City Center (formerly known as Cleveland Union Terminal) is a large mixed-use facility located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

The facility is composed of a number of interconnected office buildings, including the landmark Terminal Tower, a shopping mall, two hotels, and the main hub of Cleveland's three rapid transit lines.

Detroit had a really great station because it was the headquarters of the Michigan Central Railroad.

Too bad it cannot be restored.

Chicago was the rail capital of the United States.

The "Great Steel Fleet" from Grand Central landed at Lasalle Street Station. Along the way, the fleet went through Elkhart, South Bend, Gary and Englewood. Big Four trains went to Central Station.

Yes, Chicago was the rail capital, but much traffic needed to go West to East and escape Chicago. New York Central had several answers on a Chicago Bypass. One was the Peoria & Eastern Railroad. Trains from the West evaded delays in Chicago and went through Indianapolis

See other railway stations around the NY Central and around the U.S.


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Grand Central Terminal and the New York City Subway

This page is our gateway to New York City. Find out about the New York Central Railroad's Grand Central Terminal. Explore the fabulous New York City Subway System. Learn who Robert Moses. was and his impact on New York City. Understand New York City transit planning, West Side Freight Line (the "High Line") and St Johns terminal. The New Haven Railroad and the Long Island Railroad reached into New York City. Did you know the Lehigh Valley Railroad even went into New York City (by ferry). Learn about the Jenney Plan to bring commuters into New York City and finally explore mysterious track 61 at Grand Central Terminal with its relationship to Presidents of the United States.

Grand Central

Railroad Biographies
Track 61 at Grand Central
Here is a picture of Track 61. See what is so mysterious about Track 61 at Grand Central Terminal..

Interesting Stuff - Ecology and railroads

January 7, 1929 The New York Central Railroad's "20th Century Limited" runs a record seven identical sections. Eight hundred twenty two people pay the extra $10 fare to ride The Century. An automobile show in New York City gets the credit for this sudden increase in traffic. Combined with other special trains arriving for the show, a record 266 sleeping cars arrive at Grand Central Terminal between 5:00 am and 9:50 am. This is very interesting. It was a harbinger of things to come: the impact of the auto on passenger train travel. I bet Al Gore understands what a high speed rail system (plus good commuter rail systems) would do for the "fuel bill"! DO YOU?

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Grand Central was owned by the New York Central Railroad

Do you know who owns Grand Central now?

If you said Metro North Railroad, or its parent company, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, then you are wrong.
Nor is it Donald Trump, Disney or WalMart.
Find the answer and find out a lot of interesting facts.

February 2, 1913 New York's partially completed palatial passenger station, Grand Central Terminal, opens in the center of Manhattan at 12:01 am. About 150,000 people will visit the new terminal today.
Corsica Ferry

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Réservation Ferry en français
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Corsica Ferry
Haworth Station Front

Front View of Haworth, New Jersey Station

As well as this picture, Dwyer Wedvick has provided us with a wealth of rare information: All about Baldwin RS12s and commuting on the NY Central West Shore; Some recollections about the Boston & Maine and a great picture of his model; a great picture of his Canadian Pacific Railway model.

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St Johns Freight House

St Johns Freight House

Photo at left is of the St Johns Park Freight House. This is from a brochure published by the New York Central in 1934 and re-issued by the West Side Rail Line Development Foundation (author was a former member and supporter of this foundation).

St. John's Park was abandoned when some of the High Line ROW below Bank St. was sold for housing. But had traffic there dried up by then? Was there any debate over it at the time? The line was only about 20 years old at that time. When St. John's was in service, there were about 8 tracks running into it-- how was it switched? And what kind of stuff was shipped to St. John's. Also, the line served Nabisco, Armour--when did they stop using the line? And did the RR serve Bell Labs (now Westbeth) whose building it ran through?

For answers to these questions, click here or on picture above.
Croton-Harmon Station of Metro North Croton-On-Hudson Station (gone)

Croton-Harmon Station of Metro North

Croton-On-Hudson Station (gone)

Find out about Context and PROMISES

Southeast was Brewster North on the Harlem Division New York Central Putnam Division station at Yorktown Heights New York Central Harlem Division station at White Plains

Brewster North, NY on the Harlem Division (station is now "Southeast")

New York Central Putnam Division station at Yorktown Heights

New York Central Harlem Division station at White Plains

The CNE tracks and platform are completed

Beacon station in 1915

The CNE tracks and platform are completed.

Beacon Historical Society collection, courtesy of Bernie Rudberg

The new station complex looks to be completed but there are no people in the picture.

See more about the reconstruction of the Beacon station and other work on the Beacon Station.
Beacon station in the 1980's

Beacon station in the 1980's

Jim Moseman collection

In this photo there is no sign of the stations and platforms built in 1915. In the background is the outline of the Beacon Newburgh bridge which drove the ferry out of business in 1963.

See more about the New York Central in Beacon
Beacon station today

Beacon station today


B Rudberg photo
In 2005 the passenger ferry service has been revived and seems to be doing well with commuters who take the Metro-North trains to New York City.
Manhattan has the High Line.
Poughkeepsie has The Walkway Over the Hudson.
The City of Beacon has the Beacon Line. The Beacon Line Project is a long term advocacy group centered on finding ways to use this relic of Beacon's industrial past. Whether light rail, trolley, hiking, biking, alone or in combination, the Beacon Line Project aims to draw attention to the line and potential plans for its use and to keep the drum beat alive until one vision or another is realized. The only vision that is not acceptable is the current status quo: that a potent transportation alternative, owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority no less, should run right through our city, and simply lie fallow.
Oneonta Station

At top: Old New York Central Station in Oneonta

I'm told it is a warehouse now.

At right:

Post card view of Big Indian on the Catskill Mountain Branch.

Balsam Mountain is in the distance.
Postcard view of Big Indian
Albany Union Station of the New York Central Railroad Railroad bridge across Hudson River in Albany New York Lake Shore Limited at Rensselaer
Surprise! There is no longer an Albany Station. Lake Shore Limited at Rensselaer (photo by the author). Find out more about Albany, New York As well as pictures of Albany and Rensselaer stations, the Maiden Lane Bridge across the Hudson was important as a connection, plus the steam roundhouse for Albany was in Rensselaer.

Albany-Rensselaer Train Station

More than eight years after the newest of three train stations opened here, the two former stations are finally gone, clearing the way for a fourth track to alleviate delays. The oldest station, built in 1968 by Penn Central Railroad, has been completely removed and just a concrete slab marks its former location. Demolition crews were loading bricks and other debris from the 1980 station building that Amtrak had constructed to handle larger crowds as rail travel grew more popular. That station also was too small, and in 2002 the current station, which cost $53 million, opened. Story of Rensselaer train station
Railroad Station at Troy, New York

Railroad Station at Troy, New York

The station in Troy was owned by the Troy Union Rail Road. The TURR lasted from the mid 19th Century till the mid 20th Century. It was owned by the New York Central, Delaware & Hudson and Boston & Maine. Access from the South was from Rensselaer; from the West, via the Green Island Bridge; from the North was street running almost the entire length of Troy. See Penney's blog for more information (and a great movie from the 1950's).

The Troy station consisted of 6 thru tracks and towers at each end. These passenger runs were "mainline", not "branch line".

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New Yorks Grand Central Terminal and Track 61
Train Station WebRing
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New York City Grand Central Terminal
Penn Central New Haven Railroad New York Central Railroad

Interested in Penn Central? New York Central? Pennsylvania Railroad? New Haven Railroad? or in the smaller Eastern US railroads? Then you will be interested in "What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen". You will also enjoy "Could George Alpert have saved the New Haven?" as well as "What if the New Haven never merged with Penn Central?"

Troy & Schenectady railroad station at Niskayuna, New York

Although abandoned now, this line was part of the original New York Central Railroad.

Welcome to the T&S Branch. A group devoted to the discussion and history of the Troy and Schenectady Branch\Railroad between Schenectady and Troy New York.

Niskayuna Station

Niskayuna Station

9.8 miles from Schenectady
Green Island

Green Island

20.8 miles from Schenectady
Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Management Control Towers

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Utica Station was a trolley terminal too. Utica Station columns reportedly came from the old Grand Central Terminal. Utica Union Station from the tracks

Utica Station was a trolley terminal too.

Utica Station columns reportedly came from the old Grand Central Terminal.

Utica Station top floor held offices for the entire NY Central System payroll.

milk train

Once upon a time, milk trains were important

New York Central Milk Business
Creamery in South Columbia, New York
There were two basic types of milk trains – the very slow all-stops local that picked up milk cans from rural platforms and delivered them to a local creamery, and those that moved consolidated carloads from these creameries to big city bottling plants. Individual cars sometimes moved on lesser trains. These were dedicated trains of purpose-built cars carrying milk. Early on, all milk was shipped in cans, which lead to specialized "can cars" with larger side doors to facilitate loading and unloading (some roads just used baggage cars). In later years, bulk carriers with glass-lined tanks were used. Speed was the key to preventing spoilage, so milk cars were set up for high speed service, featuring the same types of trucks, brakes, communication & steam lines as found on passenger cars.
Mirror Lake at Lake Placid Station
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Whiteface Mountain
Snow Belt in New York State Boonville Station Big Moose Station

At top: Big Moose Station is renowned for the roll it played in the famous murder of Grace Brown by Chester Gillette in 1906. Theodore Dreiser wrote “An American Tragedy” a novel about the murder and in 1951 that novel was the basis for the Motion Picture “A Place in the Sun” starring Elizabeth Taylor, Shelly Winters and Raymond Burr which earned 6 Oscars.
At left: Boonville in the "snow belt" is the theme picture for our "Ominous Weather" WebSite

Not a station anymore either is Montreal Windsor

In Montreal, New York Central trains came in to Windsor Station.

This massive station was the headquarters of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. It is no longer an active station, but is well-preserved as offices. The former waiting room is used for exhibitions. As well as long distance trains, the Central ran commuter trains into Windsor too. The modern Lucien l'Allier station now handles thousands of daily commuters.
Saranac Lake Station of the New York Central in the                              Adirondacks

Saranac Lake Station of the New York Central in the Adirondacks

The "Hojack" and the station at Wolcott, N.Y. stand silent, waiting for the trains that will never return.

from the Collection of Richard Palmer
Watertown Station

New York Central Station at Watertown, NY

Rutland Station at Malone, NY

Malone, New York was where the New York Central crossed the Rutland's route from Ogdensburg to Rouses Point. Rutland station at the left and the Central on the right.

New York Central station at Malone, NY

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Head End
Railway Express and Railway Post Office

REA RPO Header

On passenger trains, railroads operated lots of equipment other than sleepers, coaches, dining cars, etc. This equipment was generally called 'head-end' equipment, these 'freight' cars were at one time plentiful and highly profitable for the railroads. In the heyday of passenger service, these industries were a big part of the railroad's operations, and got serious attention.
We have text and pictures not found elsewhere on the Web.

What ever happened to my Penn Central stock?
Penn Central gobbled up the stock of New York Central, Pennsylvania and New Haven Railroads. But what ever happened to the company and the stock? Is it worth anything?

Ever hear of American Premier Underwriters?

Syracuse Station opened in 1936

Syracuse Station opened in 1936

Old Syracuse Station

Older Syracuse Station

Street running went out when the new station was built

Street running went out when the station (no longer a station) was builtin 1936.


Railway Age talks about
Grand Central Terminal, New York City

More about Buffalo Central Terminal

Our best spot for railroad history

Our favorite Short Lines

All about Railroad Signals

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Buffalo Central Terminal
New York Central Railroad
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New York Central Railroad
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Buffalo Central Terminal

Rochester Station

The Rochester NYC depot was an architectural beaux arts gem that was allowed to deteriorate and was finally torn down. It was replaced by a pathetic station building that serves AMTRAK, replete with characters and panhandlers hanging out hitting on patrons.
When an eastbound train passed Tower 29 west of the station, the tower op would pass the word to Tower 27 by the station and to the waiting room gateman. Similarly, when a westbound train passed Tower 25 at Goodman Street Yards, the tower op would notify Tower 27 and the waiting room gateman. This gave the gateman ample time to notify passengers to proceed through the gate, walk down a tunnel under the tracks, and up the stairs to the arrival platform.
Postcard Collection: Rochester Station
Buffalo Central Terminal

Central Terminal in Buffalo NY. Once bustling and thriving, it fell into horrible disrepair in the 1970s. It's still a popular discussion subject among diehard rail fans.
The New York Central Terminal in Buffalo, New York, was a key railroad station from 1929 to 1979. The 17-story Art Deco style station was designed by architects Fellheimer & Wagner for the New York Central Railroad. After years of abandonment, it is in derelict condition, but is now owned by the non-profit preservation group, Central Terminal Restoration Corporation. When the New York Central operated the 20th Century Limited, Central Terminal was located about 44 miles east of the half-way point from New York City to Chicago, and the trains would pass each other near there.
Buffalo Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal

20th Century Limited: East and West pass at Buffalo
Buffalo Central Terminal
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20th Century Limited: East and West pass at Buffalo
Buffalo Central Terminal Buffalo Central Terminal
Tied into the terminal is a history of Buffalo. There is more on the Buffalo Central Terminal too; plus some great links to Buffalo Central Terminal. Something very interesting to me was that the entire terminal used 25-cycle electric power. This type of power was not unusual when industrial locations where nearby. The General Electric plant in Schenectady had it's own power plant which made 25-cycle DC as well as 110V AC. In my time there, plant switchers were diesel, but understand they used DC electrics at one time, especially inside manufacturing buildings. (New York Central RR content: The General Electric Company Main Plant/Schenectady Works was probably the largest on-line customer between North Tarrytown and Rochester/Buffalo)

Cleveland Union Terminal

The Cleveland Union Terminal was built by the Van Sweringen brothers as a terminal for all trains coming into Cleveland via the various railroad lines in a concept similar to New York City's Grand Central Terminal. From its completion until 1964, the Terminal Tower was the tallest building in North America outside of New York City.
Van Sweringen / Cleveland Cleveland Union Terminal Collection at Cleveland State               University

The Toledo Station was completed in 1950

NY Central railroad station in Toledo Ohio The Forum for Supply Chain Integration

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Detroit Station

Postcard Collection: Detroit Michigan Central Station Postcard Collection: Detroit Michigan Central Station
New York Central Picturec Album

Chicago Stations

Chicago Central Depot

Old postcard of Chicago Central Depot. NY Central's Big Four trains came here.
Old postcard of Lasalle Street Station

Old postcard of Lasalle Street Station. NY Central's streamliners like the 20th Century Limited came here.
What's a "Chicago Bypass"?

Chicago Bypass

Why do we need a "Chicago Bypass"? YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!

Click on any doctor above to see why.

Indianapolis Station

NY Central's Peoria & Eastern could neatly bypass the delay in Chicago.
Indianapolis Station
There is always a chance of storms in the Mediterranean Sea.
Ominous Weather is about more than weather. Its about our environment. Its about our social issues that need to be surfaced if we want to save our environment. See Champions of our Environment like Al Gore SAS le Prince Albert II de Monaco John R. Stilgoe Ralph Nader. We have other environmental sites on garbage trucks and Rapid response temporary shelters / portable housing. We have addressed several railroad-related projects that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution. Our Window on Europe spotlights projects that can help the rest of the World. See projects that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution.
Ominous Weather in the Mediterranean Sea
“We cannot go back in time. However, we can consider economic development in a different light, and put the notion of “protecting the planet” at the heart of each development project. It is essential to rise above political divisions and ask ourselves what measures we can take today for a development that is sustainable and respectful of nature.” H.S.H. Prince Albert II, North Pole Expedition Diary, April 2006
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New York Central station in Ogdensburg New York Central station in Ogdensburg

Take a look at my blog about railroads in Ogdensburg, New York.

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