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Dewitt Clinton

New York Central and Hudson River Railroad

The "Dewitt Clinton" was the first run of the first component of the New York Central System

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Find out what made up the New York Central Railroad?

See a timeline of railroads in the Adirondacks and find out about westward expansion: The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern

See key dates in New York Central history .

Don't miss the St Johns Freight House, New York Central Railroad pictures and the New York Central in Rhinecliff.

See the New York Central on Google Earth.

You must see The Railroad Builders , our reference section, and other interesting New York Central links.

Orgin of Spuyten Duyvil.

See KC Jones BLOG about Railroad History. Our favorite Short Lines Interesting Railway Stations

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Men of the NY Central
Men of the NY Central

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NY Central West Albany Shops

Old postcard of the West Albany shops of the New York Central Railroad

NY Central Through the Mohawk Valley

New York Central Railroad thru the Mohawk Valley

What Made Up the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad?

Formation of the New York Central Railroad

Boston & Albany Railroad

West Shore Railroad Company

Rome Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad Company

Little Falls & Dolgeville Railroad Co.

The Niagara Falls Branch Railroad Co.

Carthage Watertown & Sacketts Harbor Railroad Co.

Oswego & Rome Railroad Co.

The railroad was created in 1853 by the merger of ten other railroads, spearheaded by Albany industrialist and Mohawk Valley Railroad owner Erastus Corning:
Albany & Schenectady Railroad
Mohawk Valley Railroad
Schenectady & Troy Railroad
Syracuse & Utica Direct Railroad
Rochester & Syracuse Railroad
Buffalo & Rochester Railroad
Rochester, Lockport & Niagara Falls Railroad
Rochester & Lake Ontario Railroad
Buffalo & Niagara Falls Railroad
Buffalo & Lockport Railroad

Between 1853 and 1869, the following railroads were merged into the New York Central:
Buffalo & Niagara Falls Railroad Co.
Lewiston Railroad Co.
Rochester & Lake Ontario Railroad Co.
Saratoga & Hudson River Railroad Co.

In 1869 the New York Central and the Hudson River Railroad were merged.

Before 1914, the following Railroads were merged into the New York Central & Hudson River:
Buffalo Erie Basin Railroad Co.
Carthage & Adirondack Railway Co.
Geneva and Lyons Railroad Co.
Gouverneur & Oswegatchie Railroad Co.

Mohawk and Malone Railway Co.
New York & Ottawa Railway Co.
New York & Putnam Railroad Co.
New York Central Niagara River Railroad Co.(The)
Spuyten Duyvil & Port Morris Railroad Co. (The)
Tivoli Hollow Railroad Co. (chartered in 1893. It was completed 1.23 mi. in City of Albany, prior to 1903 (exact date not known).

The Mohawk & Malone was formed from the following:
Herkimer, Newport & Poland Railway
Herkimer, Newport & Poland Extension Railway
Herkimer, Newport & Poland Narrow Gauge Railway

Mohawk & Adirondack Railroad Co.
Mohawk Valley & Northern Railroad Co.
St. Lawrence & Adirondack Railroad Co.

See our page featuring excerpts from the
New York Central Lines Magazine
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Lake Placid

Webb's Wilderness Railroad opened up the Adirondack wilderness. Although educated as a physician, William Seward Webb built two hundred miles of railroad and opened up the Adirondack wilderness where others had failed. New York Central tracks reached into the Adirondacks. One line even went across the Canadian border to Ottawa. The 643-mile Rome Watertown and Ogdensburgh became a part of the New York Central in 1891.
Timeline of Railroads in the Adirondacks
See the Railroads of the Adirondacks too!!!
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1965 Annual Meeting
It took until the 1960's before the Annual Meeting of the New York Central was held anyplace but Albany, New York (the official headquarters of the corporation).
Dewitt Clinton and modern locomotive
(Photo clipped from an old New York Central Headlight)
Speaking of Radio Stations, we have a great WebSite about General Electric Company Radio Station WGY in nearby Schenectady. We expect to add some early television soon.
Railroads in New York State

All-time list of railroad names in New York State

Some interesting things about New York State Railroads, mostly New York Central Railroad

Home to everything you ever wanted to know about railroad history West of the Hudson and Around New York State railroad, history in Chicago and the Midwest. Links to many railroad resources. New York Central railroad history. Railroad history of the New Haven Railroad and New England. Of interest to the railroad manager, railfans, advocates of super railroads, railroad historians. The one source to go to for railroad history.

Even more great railroad links.

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These are from a brochure published by the West Side Rail Line Development Foundation (author was a former member and supporter of this foundation)

Begun in 1846, the West Side Freight Line line of the New York Central was the only freight railroad directly into Manhattan.

St Johns Freight House

St Johns Freight House

Photo at left is of the St Johns Park Freight House. These are from a brochure published by the New York Central in 1934 and re-issued by the West Side Rail Line Development Foundation (author was a former member and supporter of this foundation).

St. John's Park was abandoned when some of the High Line ROW below Bank St. was sold for housing. But had traffic there dried up by then? Was there any debate over it at the time? The line was only about 20 years old at that time. When St. John's was in service, there were about 8 tracks running into it-- how was it switched? And what kind of stuff was shipped to St. John's. Also, the line served Nabisco, Armour--when did they stop using the line? And did the RR serve Bell Labs (now Westbeth) whose building it ran through?

Tunnels and Bridges on the New York Central

Find out more!

Hudson River Tunnel Crossing a bridge

The New York Central Railroad

See some historic photographs of the New York Central Railroad. First-generation diesels! Passenger and freight runs. Much more!

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New York Central & Hudson River Railroad in the Mohawk Valley

Orgin of Spuyten Duyvil

There are multiple 'hypotheses' for the origin of the term "Spuyten Duyvil." The one that's generally accepted as the most "authoritative" can be found in Washington Irving's A History of New York from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. Irving tells the story of a messenger sent by New Amsterdam colony governor Peter Minuit (he of the famous $24.00 purchase) to go north and warn the folks there of a potential English invasion. When the messenger reached the creek at the north end of Manhattan Island it was, to use a line famous in writing classes "a dark and stormy night," and the local boat operator refused to take him across to "The Bronck's." (I use the old Dutch spelling). Having been fortified by rum for his journey, the messenger said he would swim the creek im spijt den duyvil ** ("in spite of the devil"), jumped into the water and was never seen again.
Wallings 1867 Route Guide Fallen Flags Photos
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New York Central & Hudson River Steam Locomotives

New York Central Lines
Industrial Directory and Shippers Guide 1920-1921

New York Central at the Albany Museum of History and Art     Train Net
Adirondack Scenic Railroad

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Westward Expansion: The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern

While the original New York Central was developing in the East. The next move for the railroad to expand was developing to the West of Buffalo. Read more about the many railroads that became the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern.

The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company was formed in 1869, under the laws of the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois, by the consolidation of The Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Company with a line from Chicago to Toledo, The Lake Shore Railway Company with a line from Toledo to Erie, and The Buffalo and Erie Railroad Company with a line from Erie to Buffalo. The two first named companies were consolidated on April 6, 1869, under the name of The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company, and this company was, on June 22, 1869, consolidated with The Buffalo and Erie Railroad Company, retaining the former name.

Key Dates in New York Central History

May 27, 1794 Cornelius Vanderbilt, creator of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad, is born.

December 28, 1825 George Featherstonhaugh (pronounced fen-shaw), of Duanesburgh NY, runs a newspaper notice announcing the formation of the Mohawk & Hudson Rail Road Company.

July 29, 1830 Construction begins on the Mohawk & Hudson Railroad (later NYC) in New York.

July 2, 1831 First test of the "Dewitt Clinton" on the Mohawk & Hudson Railroad.

August 9, 1831 The "DeWitt Clinton" makes its first regular run on the Mohawk & Hudson (later NYC) between Albany and Schenectady. The original M&H ROW is currently in service from the curve near Rensselaer Lake to roughly CP 156 (Carman cutoff), operated by Amtrak and CSX. On the Albany side, east of the curve a couple locations exist where it still can be seen one at the Fuller Road exit of I90 and others on the SUNY campus and adjacent properties. The location of the Albany plane in in a hollow but could observe nothing of the former rairoad. On the SDY side, the plane was on the location Crane street, from the end of Chrisler Ave. The area of SDY in Mount Pleasant called "engine hill" for the engine of the incline plane. Do a google map search; the long tangent between Albany and Schenectady is the original ROW. PKL

November 14, 1832 First train on the New York & Haarlem Railroad.

June 13, 1845 The Troy & Greenbush Railroad opens between Troy and Greenbush, NY. It is the last link in an all-rail line between Boston and Buffalo.

May 12, 1846 The Hudson River Railroad is incorporated with the goal of building a line from New York City to Albany.

May 21, 1852 The first train enters Chicago.

January 24, 1853 The Toledo, Norwalk & Cleveland Railroad Company (later LS&MS, NYC, PC, CR, NS) opens, forming the last link in the chain of roads from Chicago to New York and Boston.

July 7, 1853 The railroads linking Albany and Buffalo file papers with the Secretary of State of New York to form the New York Central.
Albany and Schenectady (nee Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Company 1831)
Utica and Schenectady 1835
Syracuse and Utica 1839
Auburn and Syracuse 1836
Auburn and Rochester 1840
Tonawanda 1836
Schenectady and Troy 1843
Rochester and Syracuse 1853
Batavia and Attica 1845
Attica and Buffalo 1845
Rochester and Buffalo 1859
Rochester and Lockport and Niagara Falls 1852
Niagara Falls and Lewiston 1854
Lockport and Tonawanda 1853
Rochester and Charlotte 1853

1857 The New York Central and the Hudson River Railroads begin operating a "Lightning Train" between New York City and Buffalo in 15 hours, or an average of 40 MPH.

1857 The New York Central and the Hudson River Railroads begin operating a "Lightning Train" between New York City and Buffalo in 15 hours, or an average of 40 MPH.

May 8, 1858 The New York Central provides a sleeping car on overnight trains between Albany and Buffalo NY.

1886, the Utica & Black River railroad was purchased by the Rome Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad.

June 30, 1889 The Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad (The Big Four) is formed from the merger of the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway, the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway and the Indianapolis & St. Louis Railway.

May 10, 1893 New York Central's 4-4-0 "999" sets an absolute speed record (fastest speed attained by humans) of 112.5 miles per hour.
Important dates for the 20th Century Limited
See Interesting and Important Dates on the New York Central Railroad .

See random dates in railroad history .

Read more railroad history .
YES, we know this list is incomplete. We keep adding to it. If you want to help us add, send us what you know.
Abandoned Railroads: West Shore, New York State and Other End of the line for the West Shore WIKIPEDIA: the free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

WIKIPEDIA contains several articles of interest to the New York Central historian or fan:
New York Central Railroad
List of New York Central Railroad precursors
List of defunct United States railroads
Grand Central Terminal
List of New York railroads
List of Massachusetts railroads
Many of these articles have been developed by our staff researchers KC Jones and Penney Vanderbilt.
Snow Belt in New York State Boonville Station

There is a "Snow Belt" in New York State that runs above Syracuse and Utica. It goes East from Oswego to at least Boonville. Here's the station at Boonville.

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We have other environmental sites on garbage trucks and Rapid response temporary shelters / portable housing.
New York City Transit Planning The New York Central System .. One of the great railways of the 20th Century.
Home of the Great Steel Fleet of passenger trains

including the well known 20th Century Limited. Known as The Water Level Route, serving customers between New York/Boston and Chicago. is a place to discuss the New York Central Railroad's US operations, including the Boston & Albany, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Peoria & Eastern, among others, as well as its Canadian divisions through Southern Ontario as well as the branch to Ottawa.
Discussion is not limited solely to rail operations, since the NYC had significant marine and trucking operations as well. Current equipment spottings are encouraged. The only restrictions are that the information relates to the NYC or other lines operating under its flag. Modellers, historians and anyone with an interest in the NYC family of railways are welcome.
Rhinecliff Track Diagram

This is part of the late Austin McEntee’s research on Rhinecliff. Apparently the arrangement of tracks to the docks was modified more than once. This version seems to be a composite of tracks that did not all exist at the same time. Some of these features can still be seen today in aerial photographs of the area.
Rhinecliff Station Map

Map of the station area in Rhinecliff . North is to the right. The 4-track NYC Hudson Line passes through the center. The R&C (later Central New England Railway, then New Haven RR) passenger station was between the NYC tracks and the high embankment. R&C tracks dead ended at the R&C station.

Rhinecliff Station

This was the R&C station next to the NYC main line. R&C tracks dead ended just beyond this building. Cars at left are on the NYC freight siding.

Nimke Volume 1 Page 78

Above maps and photos courtesy Bernie Rudberg

Click here to see more about the Central New England Railway in New York State

Photo at right clipped from an old New York Central Headlight
999 and a Hudson
Troy and Schenectady Branch\Railroad

Welcome to the T&S Branch. A group devoted to the discussion and history of the Troy and Schenectady Branch\Railroad between Schenectady and Troy New York.
affiliate_link has provided a 1942 Quiz Book on Railroads and Railroading.

Here's some interesting questions and answers:

What were the first locomotives to be placed in service on the American railroads?

The first locomotive to be placed in regular service on any American railroad was the "Best Friend of Charleston," built at the West Point Foundry, New York. It was placed in service on the South Carolina Railroad (now the Southern) at Charleston, S. C., December 25, 1830.

The second locomotive, the "West Point," built at West Point Foundry, was placed in service on the South Carolina Railroad July 15, 1831.

The "DeWitt Clinton," the first locomotive in New York State, also built at West Point Foundry, made its initial run on the Mohawk & Hudson Railroad (now part of the New York Central) from Albany to Schenectady, August 9, 1831.

The "York," built by Phineas Davis, York, Penna., was tried out on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad July 12, 1831, and was placed in service at Baltimore shortly thereafter.

The "John Bull," built in England, was delivered to the Camden & Amboy Railroad (now a part of the Pennsylvania) August 31, 1831, and was placed in regular service at Bordentown, N. J., November 12, 1831. This was the first locomotive to run on the present Pennsylvania Railroad lines.
New-York-Central-Railroad Forum
This group is dedicated to modelers, historians and fans of the late, great New York Central Railroad-gone, but not forgotten!
NYC-RR Forum
This is a discussion and sharing group for friends and former employees of the "Water Level Route", the late and great New York Central Railroad Company. Our focus is primarily historical, and mostly limited to the NYC ( and PC successor ) period prior to ConRail. Our emphasis is upon routes, signaling, towers and operations.

Grand Central was owned by the New York Central Railroad

Do you know who owns Grand Central now?
If you said Metro North Railroad, or its parent company, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, then you are wrong.
Nor is it Donald Trump, Disney or WalMart.
Find the answer and find out a lot of interesting facts.
New York Central System - About the New York Central Railroad Forum
This is a place to share information on the New York Central System, including the New York Central Railroad, Michigan Central Railroad, Boston and Albany and Big Four. Our primary focus is on the postwar history of the New York Central's Great Steel Fleet of luxury intercity passenger trains, including the 20th Century Limited, Commodore Vanderbilt, Pacemaker, Lake Shore Limited, New England States, Detroiter, Wolverine, Ohio State Limited, Cleveland Limited, Fifth Avenue Special, James Whitcomb Riley, Southwestern Limited and Knickerbocker among other trains.
Adirondack Division Forum
This group covers one of the three Canadian lines that the New York Central had, the Adirondack Division/St. Lawrence & Adirondack Railway.
Berkshire Hills Route

Head End

Railway Express and Railway Post Office

REA RPO Header

On passenger trains, railroads operated lots of equipment other than sleepers, coaches, dining cars, etc. This equipment was generally called 'head-end' equipment, these 'freight' cars were at one time plentiful and highly profitable for the railroads. In the heyday of passenger service, these industries were a big part of the railroad's operations, and got serious attention.
We have text and pictures not found elsewhere on the Web.

What ever happened to my Penn Central stock?

Penn Central gobbled up the stock of New York Central, Pennsylvania and New Haven Railroads. But what ever happened to the company and the stock? Is it worth anything?

Ever hear of American Premier Underwriters?

Find the answer and find out a lot of interesting facts.
Rich Neighbor

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Interesting New York Central links

Railroad and Adirondack art of Robert B. Partridge
Fitz's New Railfan Page
The Central New York Model Railroad Club
The Model Railroad Club of Buffalo
The Canadian Southern Railway
NJ, NY & CT Railroad Page
The New York Railroad Enthusiasts
Fly Along the Hudson River and the West Shore!

If you have "GOOGLE EARTH" installed on your computer, you can "fly" along the New York Central Hudson Division from Albany to Harmon and the West Shore from Selkirk to Syracuse with the "PLACEMARK" below: (Click to get GOOGLE EARTH)

Take a trip on the
Hudson Division (Albany to Harmon)
Take a trip on the
West Shore (Selkirk to Syracuse)

We will be adding more routes
Because many of the locations on our tour have varying "resolutions" of the pictures, you may need to stop the tour and adjust the height you are viewing.
On several locations, you may also stop the tour and click on the placemark icon for more information.

Tell us where you want to fly and give us any of your comments

Oswego & Rome Railroad

In 1863, Created to link Oswego to the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad. Leased to Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad in 1863. In 1866, opened from Richland to Oswego. Rome was the southern terminus of the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburgh R. R. The Oswego & Rome R. R. connected with this at Richland, and was under the same management. History, stations, bridges and wrecks. Railroads in Oswego.

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 13, 1867

Contains the following account of the fatal accident, which occurred on the Road between Richmond and Oswego, on Friday evening of last week. (December 6, 1867) A special freight train was being run from Richland to Oswego, starting about 9 o'clock P.M. When the train had reached a point about three miles west of Pulaski, it ran upon a large tree, which had been blown upon the track, and the engineer, JESSIE TRUMBULL, of Oswego, and the fireman JOHN MATHER of Oswego were both killed. John Trainor, conductor of the train, left the engine a few moments before, and barely escaped with his life. Trainor and a brakeman were in one of the freight cars when the accident occured, and received no injuries.

Mr. Trumbull, the unfortunate engineer, was greatly liked by the railroad officials. He is said to have been a competent employe, whom all respected. He leaves a wife and one child. John Mather, the deceased fireman, was a reliable and trustworthy hand. He leaves a wife and three small children. The engine that drew the train was known as Delos De Wolf, was badly damaged. The tender, and the wood it contained, caught fire and were burned. The Oswego & Rome Railroad is perhaps as carefully managed as any road in the country; but such providential accidents as the above can not be averted.

Watertown & Rome Railroad

1832 Watertown & Rome Railroad was created to build a link between Rome and the lower valley of the Black River and end at a point where Lake Ontario met the St. Lawrence River.

1851: The Watertown & Rome Railroad opened from Camden to Washingtonville.

1851: the Watertown & Rome Railroad opened from Camden to Richland.

Eventually, all became part of the RW&O, then the New York Central

Camden - Richland 23.28 miles, officially abandoned 1957 and tracks removed 1959

Camden-McConnellsville, 4.5 miles, abandoned 01 December 1977.

McConnellsville-Rome, 10.1 miles, abandoned 04 August 1982. Stations and mileage from Rome as follows: Humaston 7.4 miles; Taberg 10.6miles; McConnellsville 13.2 miles; Camden 17.9 miles; West Camden 22.8 miles; Williamstown 27.7 miles; Kasoag 30.8 miles; Altmar 36.2 miles; Richland 41.1 miles
Ken Knapp on the Hudson
Some of his friends at the New York Central were legendary: Charlie Hogan, engineer of locomotive 999 on its World speed record, and later superintendant of the Buffalo Shops. Bert Daniels, engineer of the famous Rexall Train, later promoted to Trainmaster of the Mohawk Division, In 1953 he requested a return to road service. His seniority was intact and he had his pick of trains on the Mohawk Division. His choice was the Ohio State Limited.

By Ken Kinlock at
Boat at left belonged to Ken Knapp who was enjoying the Hudson River near Tarrytown, New York. He was a former Paymaster of the New York Central.

He started with the railroad when the employees were paid in cash and a pay car visited all the Central's locations. He worked with William Ingraham, John L. Burdett. and Hy Taylor.

He moved to Albany for one year, but the station did not have adequate room for the payroll department, so he went to Utica for the rest of his career. When the railroad began paying by check instead of cash, he oversaw the first computer bought by the New York Central. It took up almost a whole floor in Utica's Union Station.

A feature article on his career and his retirement appeared in the July/August issue of HEADLIGHT - the New York Central magazine. I remember meeting Norman Stone, the editor of the magazine, when the article was written. He even included a picture of my dog (with my grandfather).

In his 47-year career, he worked many years on a pay car. These cars lasted through the 1920's. At one time, the Central had five pay cars on the road. Each car had two payroll clerks and a railroad police detective. A typical car had an office, berths, a stateroom and facilities for meal preparation. Several times the pay car had several million dollars on board in a safe and in "strong boxes" hidden under the berths (but still only one detective). During World War I when the railroads were nationalized, the pay cars were under control of the Secretary of the Treasury, William McAdoo. In this period, payroll for other railroads were sometimes carried: for instance, Delaware & Hudson payroll was carried from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to Albany (other times this was sent in leather pouches by registered mail... I still have some of the mail tags addressed to New York State Bank).

He was born in 1890 and died in 1974.

See more here New York Central Museum Rochester NRHS
New York State
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New York State
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Dated April 29, 1914

Agreement of consolidation of:












The number of directors who shall manage its affairs shall be fifteen.

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