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Delaware & Hudson Railway


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Industrial Development on the
Delaware & Hudson Railroad

This old D and H hopper is now at the Connecticut Electric Railway in East Windsor, Connecticut. Both photo and paint job on hopper by the author.
This old D&H hopper is now at the Connecticut Electric Railway in East Windsor, Connecticut. Both photo and paint job on hopper by the author.

Welcome to our Delaware & Hudson Railroad WebSite

Here's a preview of some of the exciting projects we have put together for you:

Our feature article is
"Industrial Development on the Delaware & Hudson" .

Coal was important on the D&H . Find out more about railroads and anthracite coal .

Working our way around the Delaware & Hudson, find out where D&H sales offices where located. Read about the Albany Main and Troy connections . Find out about the Ticonderoga Branch and the Schoharie County Railroad .

We have a lot of great material on the branch to North Creek which extended to the National Lead Mine . Today, it is the Upper Hudson River Railroad .

The D&H was a "Bridge Line". It was part of several "Alphabet" routes .

Lots more interesting D&H stories. The D&H Challenger of course. The best D&H presidents. Find out about prison cars on the D&H. See also some great pictures of railroads and snow and head end equipment . There's even a Hudson River steamboat connection.

We provide you with links to many D&H Resources and you must see our reference page .

D&H Equipment in New York City .

Cherry Valley Branch and creamery in Seward .

Old Oneonta .

When was the D&H Pennsylvania Division torn up?

Delaware & Hudson Railroad bridge removals

Lake George Branch Abandoned in 1957

Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroad

New Caboose in Carbondale

Yes, there is a new caboose in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

In November 2010, the Carbondale Historical Society has bought a D&H Railroad caboose in "mint condition" from a company in Vermont and expects the car to arrive in the city quickly, said S. Robert Powell, Ph.D., historical society executive director. Built around 1925, the caboose has been housed indoors at a restaurant in White River Junction, Vt., for 34 years.
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No topic is as well-covered locally as the Delaware & Hudson. Which means that it is difficult to write anything "new" about it. However, I discovered an "OFFICIAL FREIGHT SHIPPERS GUIDE AND INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY" which was published in 1922 by the Cooperstown Press. It was edited by Warwick S. Carpenter and was overseen by George S.Bates, Assistant to General Manager for Industrial Development.

The book starts off with a listing of the officers and key employees of the railroad. Some of these names are familiar from other material on the road: L.F. Loree-President; J.T. Loree-General Manager; F. Murray Olyphant. Others were interesting:

Equipment received extensive coverage. The D&H had just purchased a "big hook" with 160 ton capacity for $44,418.98 (this seemed a lot since by 1940 a 4-6-6-4 "Challenger" cost $178,900 and a couple of years later a 1000 hp. diesel switcher was $79,039).

The D&H was still in the street railway business.

Interesting to me were routes that no longer exist. A branch went through Sharon Springs to Cherry Valley.

The bulk of the book listed the businesses served by the railroad. Many familiar (today) names showed up:
Freihofer Baking
Mohawk Bank
Salisbury Coal
C.M. Gridley
Wallace Armer Hardware
Cushing Stone
American Locomotive
Most of the rest seem to have ended up like Albany Pierce-Arrow dealer Clark Leu!

By Ken Kinlock at
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Ever wonder where D&H sales offices where?
Here’s the list from two representative years:
1964 when the “old” D&H was still real;
and 1983 when the D&H was almost gone

1964 Official Guide and 1983 Guide: D&H Sales Offices

City 1964 Address 1983 Address
Albany, NY Delaware and Hudson Building 12207 Delaware and Hudson Building 12207 (but different building!) Delaware and Hudson Building
Atlanta, GA Room 701, 101 Marietta Street Building 30303 290 Scott Hudgens Bldg, 3420 Norman Berry Drive, Hapeville, GA 30354

Boston, MA 1101 North Station Building (150 Causeway Street) 02114 (no office) North Station
Buffalo, NY 601 Bank of Buffalo Building 14202 1285 William Street 14206
Chicago, IL Room 840, 327 South La Salle Building 60604 2725 N Thatcher Ave, Room 501, River Grove, IL 60171
Cleveland, OH 1237 Terminal Tower Building 44113 825 Engineers Building, 1365 Ontario Street 44114 Cleveland Terminal Tower Building
Edison, NJ (see New York City) 505 Thornall Street 08837
Houston, TX (no office) PO Box 52364
Montréal, QC 1117 Ste Catherine St West (formerly in the Keefer Building at 698 Ste Catherine Street) 1117 Ste Catherine St West
New York, NY 360 Lexington Avenue 10017 (see Edison, NJ) 360 Lexington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 308 Transportation Center Building 19103 (no office)
Pittsburgh, PA 2818 Koppers Building 15219 252 Colonial Drive 15216
Portland, ME 310 Congress Building 04101 (no office)
San Francisco, CA 457 Monadnock Building 94105 (No office)
Scranton, PA 703 Wyoming Avenue 18509 (See Taylor, PA)
St Louis, MO 2084 Railway Exchange Building 63101 (Taylor, PA location with St Louis phone)
Taylor, PA (See Scranton, PA) 354 N Main Street 18517
Winston-Salem, NC 1410 Reynolds Building 27101 (No office)
One of the most interesting locations (other than the “old” D&H Building in Albany) was part of North Station and the old Boston Garden. It was taken down with the Garden and now there's a big hole where 150 Causeway Street used to be, due to Big Dig construction -- it's at the point where the underground highway comes up to the surface to reach the new Charles River bridge. It was the Boston & Maine headquarters too. B&M had moved headquarters functions to North Billerica in the 1970s and 1980’s in order to save the rent money they were paying to the building's owner. It was also the home office of the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins. 150 Causeway was also the home of XTRA Leasing (intermodal trailers) and Sam Pinsley's shortline empire (StJ&LC, CLCO, M&B, S&S, F&C, S&E and HT&W). 150 Causeway Street was a seperate building from North Station. There was a small alleyway between the two buildings that contained the trackage of the Union Freight Railroad. This alleyway was also used by the REX and mail trucks that serviced the REX building alongside the alleyway.
milk train

D&H Milk Train

The D&H negotiated the joint trackage between Mechanicville and Crescent with the BHT&W while it was still separate from the Boston & Maine. The D&H had trackage rights on the Troy and Boston (and then B&M) from Troy to Eagle Bridge. The D&H's R&W Milk train started from Green Island, crossed to Troy, ran on the B&M to Eagle Bridge, then picked up milk on the R&W (Rutland and Washington, D&H Washington Branch) to Castleton and Whitehall. Then it ran non-stop to Albany with the milk cars to the NYCRR for New York, and the engine and crew returned to Green Island. At certain points in history, the cars went to Troy instead of Albany. But no problem, there even used to be a local passenger train running between Albany and Troy.
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D&H logo
Bridge Line Historical Society
D&H Canal Historical Society
Delaware & Hudson Virtual Museum
Delaware & Hudson Forum at
The Delaware & Hudson Canal and Its Museum
John V. Buberniak
Bridge Line Historical Society

Bridge Line Historical Society

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King Preferred
Nickel Plate Railroad Lackawanna logo Delaware & Hudson

A combination of Nickel Plate, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western and Delaware & Hudson could match the New York Central "Water-Level Route".

Speaking of Radio Stations, we have a great WebSite about General Electric Company Radio Station WGY in nearby Schenectady. We expect to add some early television soon. has provided a 1942 Quiz Book on Railroads and Railroading.
Here's some interesting questions and answers:

What is "continuous rail"?

Rails of standard length which are welded together at the ends to form a single rail hundreds or thousands of feet in length are known as "continuous rail." Among the advantages claimed for continuous rail over standard length rail are a smoother track, longer service life, reduced maintenance cost and greater safety.

What is the longest continuous rail now in actual service?

The longest continuous rail in service in 1941 is 7,700 feet in length, in the track of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad, near Schenectady, New York.

What are the heaviest freight shipments on record?

The heaviest freight shipment on record was a 488,200-pound steel oil refinery fractionating column, or "bubble" tower, shipped on two flat cars over the Frisco and Kansas City Southern railroads from St. Louis, Mo„ to Smith's Bluff, Texas, in June, 1938. In March, 1940, the Southern Pacific Lines transported a 430,000-pound "bubble" tower, on three flat cars from Alhambra, Calif., to Baytown, Texas. In March, 1935, the Delaware and Hudson, Western Maryland and Pennsylvania railroads transported, on a single freight car, an electrical converter weighing 367,000 pounds from Schenectady, N. Y., to Washington, D. C.
Philadelphia Philadelphia has lots of great attractions.
Stop by and see more.

Follow a new railroad into the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. They run tourist trains, dinner trains, and even a ski train from Saratoga to North Creek. They want to reactivate the railroad to a mine that was closed over 20 years ago. New technology and a new attitude maybe just the right combination.

National Lead extension from North Creek.

This extension was built by National Lead Co. and the Defense Plant Corporation (Federal agency) beginning in 1941. It was owned by the government for a long time because New York's Conservation Department protested sale.

This 33-mile line through the Boreas River canyon to Sanford Lake (Tahawus) (1740 feet above sea level).was built between 1942 and 1943 by a Cohoes construction company.

Because of transportation costs (no railroad), the iron mines in the area never developed. For a while, ore was even hauled out on sleds by steam tractors. But changes in technology caused the titanium to suddenly become valuable. The titanium mineral, ilmenite, could be processed into titanium dioxide and be used to make things whiter. It became important for paints, chemical smokes and noncorrosive alloys for aircraft. Other sources were out of the United States so National Lead Company purchased the property. Construction was difficult because of many rock cuts, long fills and culverts. Diesels pulled trains on the extension from day one of operations. The mines helped bring the branch from decline to a money-maker for years. In 1979, the D&H ordered 100 open-top 100-ton hoppers to haul ilmenite (titanium ore) out of Sanford Lake. The mines are now closed. See some great pictures of the mines at Tahawus.
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The D&H to North Creek

It was the first railroad to go into the interior of the Adirondack Mountains. Begun in 1865, just after the Civil War, it was an attempt to tap the iron ore resources near Sanford Lake and connect with Great Lakes shipping at Sacketts Harbor (or Ogdensburg). It never reached the St. Lawrence but did finally reach the mines - in 1944!

The railroad was built by the Adirondack Company under the lead of Dr. Thomas C. Durant. Durant graduated from Albany Medical College, practiced surgery, then became a flour and grain exporter. He was involved in the construction of the Union Pacific and represented that company in the driving of the "Golden Spike" at Promentory Point, Utah. Beginning in downtown Saratoga Springs, it reached Wolf Creek in 1865, Thurman in 1869, and North Creek in 1871. As a matter of fact, it actually went 2.8 miles past North Creek station because the contract called for sixty miles of track. To fulfill the contract, a train was once run over the extension but it was unused until the 1944 extension.

The rich iron ore and titanium deposits near Sanford Lake was uncovered in the early 1800's. Beginning in 1839, several ideas were developed to build railroads to tap this resource, but none made it until World War II. The early iron masters also discovered that the ore contained a "worthless" (to them) substance called titanium.

The Adirondack Company's Railroad was sold to the Delaware & Hudson Railroad in 1889, operated independently for several years, and became part of the D&H on October 30, 1902.

Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th President on September 14, 1901 in North Creek. At 4:39 a.m. he was on the station platform when he found out about President McKinley's death. He immediately departed for Saratoga on a D&H extra.

Some minor discrepancies exist in mileage on the line because of station relocations, primarily the 1959 rerouting from downtown Saratoga Springs to the west edge of town.

Shown below are some of the various points on the line:

AD Cabin (1.1 miles).

Greenfield (6-7 miles) (600 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1927 but not listed in 1966 employee timetable.

Kings (9.2 miles) (600 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1927.

South Corinth (12.4 miles) (620 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1933.

Corinth (16.3 miles) (641 feet above sea level). A station until at least the end of passenger service, it was previously known as Jessup's Landing. There is a large International Paper plant here.

Hadley (Lake Luzerne) (21.3 miles) (640 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1948, was an important stage coach connection with a bridge over the Sacandaga River just south of the station.

Quarry Switch (25 miles) (630 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1927, it is not in the employee timetable but was an early passing siding.

Stony Creek (28.9 miles) (604 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1948.

Warrensburg Junction (34.4 miles) (618 feet above sea level). Here a 3.5 mile spur to Warrensburg was built in 1905.

Thurman (34.6 miles) (618 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1948.

The Glen (Friends Lake) (42.9 miles) (749 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1948.

Riverside (48.9 miles) (885 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1948, it was known as Riparius Station. Stages left from here for Schroon Lake, Pottersville, Chestertown.

North Creek (56.5 miles now but 57.2 miles in 1875) (1028 feet above sea level). A station until at least 1956 (end of regular passenger service), it had numerous stagecoach connections.

"Milepost 60" (2.8 miles beyond North Creek station)(1037 feet above sea level). End of tracks until 1944.

Sanford Lake (Tahawus) (90 miles) (1740 feet above sea level). This extension was built by National Lead Co. and the Defense Plant Corporation (Federal agency) beginning in 1941. It was owned by the government for a long time because New York's Conservation Department protested sale.

The railroad ran 4-4-0's then 4-6-0 steam engines on the line. Early in the century there were two round trips daily between Saratoga Springs and North Creek with an extra trip in summer months. By the 1930's it was down to one trip except in season. Year round service ran until 1956 then summer only for a few years.

The 1966 employee timetable shows Train 301 running daily except Sunday to Corinth (45 minutes) and returning as Train 302. Train 303 ran daily except Sunday to North Creek in two hours and ten minutes. It returned as Train 300. Train 303 could operate via the Warrensburg Branch as directed by the train dispatcher.

1966 speed limit was 40 mph except the trestle near Corinth which was 6 mph. The Warrensburg Branch was only 20 mph. Corinth and North Creek had part time (day) train order offices. There were yards at Corinth and North Creek (also at the ore mine in Sanford Lake). In addition, there were industrial tracks suitable for passing sidings at Kings, Thurman and Riverside.

Traditionally, traffic was passengers heading towards hotels, cottages and children's camps. Freight carried was lumber, paper, and hides. Parlor cars and sleepers ran in summer.

Because of transportation costs (no railroad), the iron mines never developed. For a while, ore was even hauled out on sleds by steam tractors. But changes in technology caused the titanium to suddenly become valuable. The titanium mineral, ilmenite, could be processed into titanium dioxide and be used to make things whiter. It became important for paints, chemical smokes and noncorrosive alloys for aircraft. Other sources were out of the United States so National Lead Company purchased the property. The railroad was built by a Cohoes highway contractor who used the only coal burning engines ever run in the Adirondack Forest Preserve. Construction was difficult because of many rock cuts, long fills and culverts. Diesels pulled trains on the extension from day one of operations. The mines helped bring the branch from decline to a money-maker for years. In 1979, the D&H ordered 100 open-top 100-ton hoppers to haul ilmenite (titanium ore) out of Sanford Lake.

The railroad ran ski trains to North Creek in the 1930's. In recent years, there has been talk of running again because of the large New York State ski center at Gore Mountain.

Inactive since the mine "dried up", CP Rail wants to abandon from Corinth to North Creek. The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) has granted Warren County $1.6 million to acquire the line for tourist or other uses.

By Ken Kinlock at
Tahawus: Railroad to a Mine, Does it have a Future?
Brief history of a railroad to a mine in the middle of New York State's Adirondack Park. Part of the railroad (Saratoga Springs to North Creek) is a tourist line with dinner trains and ski trains.
Will the last section to the mine come back to life?
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The Batten Kill Railroad

Visit the The Batten Kill Railroad Forum.
The Batten Kill Railroad operates 32.4 miles extending from a connection with the CP Rail System ( Delaware and Hudson ) at Eagle Bridge to Thompson, New York.
The article on industrial development was published in March 1991 in the CALLBOARD of the Mohawk and Hudson Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.
The article on coal was published May 1993 in the BRIDGE LINE BULLETIN of the Bridge Line Historical Society.
Hudson River Steamboat
In addition to connections with the New York Central RR Hudson line, the R&C (later part of Central New England, then New Haven RR) also connected with steamboats traveling the river. The docks at Rhinecliff were busy with steamboats and coal barges from across the river at Rondout Landing. The eastern terminal of the D&H Canal was at Rondout directly across the river from Rhinecliff.

Courtesy Bernie Rudberg

Click here to see more about the Central New England Railway

D&H Troy Connections

The D&H Troy Branch went to Green Island (from Waterford Jct), and the Green Island Branch went to Troy (from Watervliet Jct).

The Troy Branch was the southern end of the original Rensselaer and Saratoga RR, later absorbed by the D&H. The Green Island Branch was a D&H connection to the former Albany and Vermont RR, which formed the later D&H Saratoga Division Main Line.

The B&M connected with the D&H (and New York Central) at Troy via the Troy Union RR, which was owned by all three (D&H, B&M and NYC). The TURR was formed around a wye, with the passenger station at the south leg. NYC came onto the TURR at Madison St, and from Schenectady via a short stretch of trackage rights on the D&H, which came onto the west leg of the TURR at River St. The B&M came via the north leg at Hoosick Street.

The Rutland originally operated a joint passenger service with the B&M, with Rutland trains and crews becoming B&M trains at the Vermont State Line (White Creek) and running to a NYC connection at Troy. In 1954, after the Rutland passenger service ended, the Rutland gained freight trackage rights on the B&M to Troy and NYC/B&A to Chatham, running three round trips per week out of Rutland.
Troy Union Railroad

Hoosac Tunnel to Troy

Penney Vanderbilt developed the map of Troy, including the Troy Union Railroad, when she was writing a blog about the Boston & Maine going through the Hoosac Tunnel to serve Troy. It shows important points like Troy Union Station, the Adams Street Freight House and the Green Island Bridge. Other blogs you might like include the Troy Union Railroad Towers; abandonment of train service to Troy; and last but not least, the Troy Union Railroad.

D&H Business Car at Colonie Shops 1960's

D&H Business Car at Colonie Shops 1960's

Ticonderoga Branch

The name Ticonderoga, or as the Algonquin and Iroquois Indians called it – Chinandroga, loosely means “the place between two lakes.” This great article use the name “Ticonderoga Branch”, instead of Baldwin Branch as it is more officially referred to. Those native to Ticonderoga, however, know the line as the Lake George Branch (not to be confused with the D&H line running from Fort Edward to the town of Lake George (or Caldwell, NY as it was formerly known) since it’s sole purpose was to link the Lake Champlain and Baldwin dock (on Lake George in Ticonderoga) steamboat landings.

This branch was constructed in 1874 between Baldwin's Landing (Baldwin Dock) on Lake George and Montcalm Landing on Lake Champlain.
Rouses Point


Rouses Point became an incorporated village in 1877, and grew quickly to a population of over 2,000 by 1892. The Delaware and Hudson Railroad opened a station, connecting the village to New York City and Montreal. The Rutland Railroad crossed the D&H here on its way from Ogdensburg across Lake Champlain to Vermont.

Head End

Railway Express and Railway Post Office
Reefer on the New Haven On passenger trains, railroads operated lots of equipment other than sleepers, coaches, dining cars, etc. This equipment was generally called 'head-end' equipment, these 'freight' cars were at one time plentiful and highly profitable for the railroads. In the heyday of passenger service, these industries were a big part of the railroad's operations, and got serious attention.
We have text and pictures not found elsewhere on the Web.
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Railroads in New York State

All-time list of railroad names in New York State

Some interesting things about New York State Railroads, mostly New York Central Railroad

Lake Champlain
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Schoharie County Railroad Museum
Middleburgh & Schoharie Railroad.
See a Map
Fallen Flags Photos
St Lawrence & Hudson unofficial site Troop Trains
Troop Train Photo Album
Photos of a trip from Texas to New York City (World War II) as an armored division brings its equipment and troops to the port.


List of New York Railroads
List of Pennsylvania Railroads
Delaware & Hudson Steam Locomotives
Delaware & Hudson from Southern New York Railway
A great map of the Delaware & Hudson
Another map of the Delaware & Hudson
The Oneonta Roundhouse
Specifications of CHALLENGER 4-6-6-4, Class J
Missing D&H Locomotives
The anthracite coal-carrying railroads of eastern and central Pennsylvania burned the very product that they carried from the mines to the market. Out of this close association, a steam locomotive was developed that allowed these roads to burn the cheapest grade of this abundant fuel. An individual who played a major role in this development was John E. Wootten (1822-1898). Find out everything on camelback locomotives.
The D&H owned a trolley line going North of Albany. See the Hudson Valley Railway Company.
D&H Adirondack Branch.
The Albany Northern was opened between Albany and Cohoes on April 9, 1853. That road became insolvent in 1856 and came under the control of the Rensselaer and Saratoga on June 12, 1860 as the result of several foreclosures and reorganizations. .
Our favorite Short Lines
Interesting Railway Stations
Visit the Delaware & Hudson at Yahoo Groups
See some great D&H pictures from Joshua K. Blay
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Drop ship
Joseph A. Smith (1895-1978) was an avid collector of railroad photos, sharing many of them with fellow collectors in the Northeast. A former plumbing contractor, Smith presumably developed his interest in railroads through his father – a trolley motorman in Troy, NY. His extensive collection focused on the lines that once served Troy: Delaware & Hudson, Rutland, Boston & Maine and New York Central. Many of his children – especially his sons Joseph Jr., James and Paul -- developed a similar interest and added to his collection with photos of their own. Maintaining the collection is now in the hands of his grandson, Kenneth Bradford. Coincidentally, Ken’s other grandfather worked as a manager at the Schenectady plant of the American Locomotive Company. Smith was a life member of the Capital District Railroad Club of Schenectady. He was also a member of the Mohawk-Hudson Chapter Railway Historical Society and its parent organization, the National Railway Historical Society.
Challenger Quebec, Montreal & Southern

Albany Main

Prior to Guilford, the Albany Main was signaled with automatic block signals but was not CTC except for the diamond at CPVO which Conrail controlled. The entrance to the Albany Main at both ends were also CTC controlled. At Delanson, the interlocking was known as DJ Cabin and at the Albany end it was KN Cabin. There was a tower there at one time, eventually the entire Colonie Main from KN Cabin to XO was controlled by the operator at XO Tower under the command of the North Dispatcher. Because the Albany Main was not CTC, all movements were made by train order. When Guilford came in, they killed the signal system including KN Cabin. The Albany Main became dark territory except for the interlocking at CPVO which remained CTC controlled.
See KC Jones BLOG about Railroad History We cover New York Central, New Haven Railroad and other Eastern Railroads.

See my blog on Feds issue another crude-by-rail emergency order, advisory to enhance safety

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones See Penney Vanderbilt BLOG about Golf and Vacations, especially on the French Riviera We have a lot about Nice, France. Not only do we cover golf on the French Riviera, but also Northwest France, Quebec, Golf Hotels and THE US Open
See Ancienne Hippie BLOG about Railroad History and ice hockey
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