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Connecticut Freight Railroads


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What freight railroads serve Connecticut?

A listing of Connecticut towns and what railroads serve them for rail freight.
All about the freight railroads that serve Connecticut.
Looking for an industrial site in Connecticut?
If you have Google Earth , you can tour the state too:
Towns are ranked by size.
What freight railroads serve Connecticut?
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A half-century ago, everything in Connecticut was under the New Haven Railroad. Today is a lot different, Amtrak, Metro-North., several freight-only railroads and even some abandoned lines that could be re-started.. Check out the best available map of all these with the Connecticut CDOT rail map.

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Atlantic Northeast Rails and Ports

Atlantic Northeast Rails & Ports

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There is no "brrreeeport" in Connecticut, but there are plenty of towns that are served by freight railroads. Search them out!

Click for full story Click to find towns in Connecticut with rail freight service.
Ansonia Killingly Shelton
Avon Madison Simsbury
Berlin Manchester Southbury
Bethel Mansfield Southington
Bloomfield Meriden South Windsor
Branford Middletown Stamford
Bridgeport Milford Stonington
Bristol Monroe Stratford
Brookfield Montville Torrington
Cheshire Naugatuck Trumbull
Danbury New Britain Vernon
Darien New Canaan Wallingford
East Hartford New Haven Waterbury
East Haven Newington Waterford
East Lyme New London Watertown
Fairfield New Milford West Hartford
Farmington Newtown Westport
Glastonbury North Haven Wethersfield
Greenwich Norwalk Wilton
Groton Norwich Windham
Guilford Plainville Wolcott
Hamden Ridgefield
Hartford Rocky Hill

KC Jones
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Who Do I Call to Move My Freight?

For Connecticut Towns Over 15,000 Population
(CLICK HERE for WebSite)
Population Railroad Notes
Click for Bridgeport WebSite
139,529 CSX
New Haven
Click for New Haven WebSite
123,626 CSX Serves North Haven to New York State line
New Haven 123,626 Providence & Worcester Belle Dock Branch
Click for Hartforde WebSite
121,578 Providence & Worcester Valley Line Middletown to Hartford
Hartford 121,578 Connecticut Southern (CSO) Springfield Line (trackage rights on Amtrak)
Hartford 121,578 Central New England Some trackage not covered by Connecticut Southern
Stamford Click for Stamford WebSite 117,083 CSX
Click for WebSite
107,271 Guilford/Springfield Terminal
Click for Norwalk WebSite
82,951 CSX
Norwalk 82,951 Providence & Worcester Danbury line
Click for Danbury WebSite
74,848 Housatonic Railroad
Danbury 74,848 Providence & Worcester Tilcon stone only
New Britain
Click for WebSite
71,538 Guilford/Springfield Terminal Connection to Waterbury only
New Britain 71,538 Connecticut Southern Trackage rights on Amtrak
West Hartford
Click for West Hartford WebSite
63,589 Connecticut Southern Railroad
Click for Greenwich WebSite
61,101 CSX
Click for Bristol WebSite
60,062 Guilford/Springfield Terminal New Britain Waterbury Line
Click for Meriden WebSite
58,244 Connecticut Southern Railroad Trackage rights on Amtrak
Click for Fairfield WebSite
57,340 CSX
Click for Hamden WebSite
56,913 CSX
Click for Manchester WebSite
54,740 Connecticut Southern Railroad
West Haven
Click for West Haven WebSite
52,360 CSX
Click for Milford WebSite
52,305 CSX
Click for Stratford WebSite
49,976 CSX
East Hartford
Click for East Hartford WebSite
49,575 Connecticut Southern Railroad
Click for Middletown WebSite
43,167 Providence & Worcester
Click for Wallingford WebSite
43,026 Connecticut Southern Railroad Trackage rights on Amtrak
Click for Groton WebSite
39,907 Providence & Worcester Groton-Norwich-Worcester Line New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for SouthingtonWebSite
39,728 Guilford/Springfield Terminal New Britain to Waterbury including Canal Line
Click for Shelton WebSite
38,101 Housatonic Railroad Danbury to Derby Junction
Click for Norwich WebSite
36,117 Providence & Worcester Groton-Norwich-Worcester Line
Norwich 36,117 New England Central Railroad New London/Palmer line
Click for Torrington WebSite
35,202 Naugatuck Railroad Connection to Guilford/Springfield Terminal at Watertown Junction
Click for Trumbull WebSite
34,243 No railroad
Click for Glastonbury WebSite
31,876 No railroad
Click for Naugatucj WebSite
30,989 Guilford/Springfield Terminal Trackage rights on Metro-North
Click for Newington WebSite
29,306 Connecticut Southern Railroad Trackage rights on Amtrak
Click for Branford WebSite
28,683 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Cheshire WebSite
28,543 No railroad
Click for Windsor WebSite
28,237 Connecticut Southern Railroad Trackage rights on Amtrak
East Haven
Click for East Haven WebSite
28,129 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Vernon WebSite
28,063 No railroad
New Milford
Click for New Milford WebSite
27,121 Housatonic Danbury to Massachusetts line
Click for Wethersfield WebSite
26,271 Providence & Worcester Valley Line Middletown to Hartford
Click for Westport WebSite
25,749 CSX
New London
Click for New London WebSite
25,671 New England Central Railroad New London/Palmer line
New London 25,671 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Newtown WebSite
25,031 Housatonic Danbury to Derby Junction line
South Windsor
Click for South Windsor WebSite
24,412 Central New England Connection to Connecticut Southern
Click for Ridgefield WebSite
23,643 No railroad
Click for Farmington WebSite
23,641 Guilford/Springfield Terminal New Britain to Waterbury including Canal Line
Click for Simsbury WebSite
23,234 No railroad
North Haven
Click for North Haven WebSite
23,035 Connecticut Southern Railroad Trackage rights on Amtrak
North Haven 23,035 CSX
Click for Windham WebSite
22,857 New England Central Railroad New London/Palmer line
Click for Watertown WebSite
21,661 No railroad
Click for Guilford WebSite
21,398 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Mansfield WebSite
20,720 No railroad
Click for Darien WebSite
19,607 CSX
Click for Bloomfield WebSite
19,587 Connecticut Southern Railroad
New Canaan
Click for New Canaan WebSite
19,395 CSX
Click for Monroe WebSite
19,247 Housatonic Railroad Danbury to Derby Junction
Click for Waterford WebSite
19,152 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Southbury WebSite
18,567 Housatonic Railroad Danbury to Derby Junction
Click for Ansonia WebSite
18,554 Guilford/Springfield Terminal Trackage rights on Metro-North
Click for Montville WebSite
18,546 New England Central Railroad New London/Palmer line
Click for Berlin WebSite
18,215 Connecticut Southern Trackage rights on Amtrak
East Lyme
Click for East Lyme WebSite
18,118 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Bethel WebSite
18,067 Providence & Worcester Danbury line
Rocky Hill
Click for Rocky Hill WebSite
17,966 Providence & Worcester Valley Line Middletown to Hartford
Click for Stonington WebSite
17,906 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Madison WebSite
17,858 Providence & Worcester New Haven to Rhode Island line
Click for Wilton WebSite
17,633 Providence & Worcester Danbury line
Click for Plainville WebSite
17,328 Guilford/Springfield Terminal New Britain Waterbury Line
Click for Killingly WebSite
16,472 No railroad
Click for Avon WebSite
15,832 No railroad
Click for Brookfield WebSite
15,664 Housatonic Danbury to Massachusetts line
Click for Seymour WebSite
15,454 Guilford/Springfield Terminal Trackage rights on Metro-North
Click for Wolcott WebSite
15,215 No railroad By Ken Kinlock at

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Freight Returns to Connecticut

The August 26 Merdien Record-Journal ran a story on an old bridge over Gracy avenue in Meriden. This was part of the old "Merdien, Waterbury, & CT River RR, which is currently owned by the York Hill quarry on the east side of Meriden. I guess the quarry had purchased the right of way when the line was abandoned, in case they ever wanted to use rail service again.

Local residents want the bridge taken down, but the owner stated that with the rising cost of fuel in shipping traprock by truck, they are looking into the possibility of shipping by rail again. This would of course require a lot of logging and tie replacement, and building a bridge over North Colony street that was taken down about a year ago. If this all happend the quarry would be a new customer stop for Connecticut Southern RR, with the lead to that line being right near Quarry interlocking on Amtrak.

A different bridge than just mentioned, and crosses over the Amtrak mains, can be seen just to the north from the Amtrak crossing at North Colony street. The lead up to this "York Hill" line would be up near Quarry interlocking on the west side of the tracks, and would go south and then west through the woods to clear a switch on the west side of the bridge.

The bridge mentioned in the newspaper article is to the west of the bridge over the Amtrak main, and this lead would give them about 40-50 cars worth of headroom past the switch to get in and out of there.

A little premature, but I wonder if the quarry would use their own switcher to drop cars near Amtrak, or CSO-2 would have to go all the way to the east side of Meriden to the quarry.

The rails are still visible but are now choked by some 35 years of forest growth. Last railcars at the quarry in the were in the 1960s.

Still, it's interesting to learn that the quarry was far-sighted enough to buy the roughly 3.5 miles of right-of-way to the Amtrak main line and is fighting to keep it. Maybe the tide is slowing turning?

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If high speed freight were available, businesses would adapt to use it.

Sears and Roebuck located in Chicago because of the rail system. Order through their catalog and they would ship it anywhere in the country by rail. You could even buy a house from Sears and they would pack up all of the lumber, nails, etc. into one boxcar and send it out.

Columbus is within 500 miles of half of the population of the United States. Columbus could host a giant warehouse full of sheet metal parts for every car sold in America. That way, when someone wrecks a Mini Cooper in Hartford or a Scion in New Haven, the parts could be on their way and delivered to the body shop within 24 hours.

Norfolk is a deep water port that will soon be handling more ships from the far east through the new Panama Canal. Imagine warehouses in Norfolk full of furniture in every color and pattern imaginable. So if you're shopping in Providence and really want that recliner in green plaid, they can ship it up to you from the warehouse that serves the entire eastern half of the country.

Now a fender here or a couch there may not seem like much. But the right delivery system allows a business to grow volume. It was no coincidence that Sears' use of the railroads in Chicago enabled it to become the world's largest store. With reliable overnight service, a shipping container here and there can rapidly become hundreds of shipping containers per day going to retail outlets with low inventories and just-in-time delivery to their anxious customers.
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What freight railroads serve Connecticut?
This is what it looked like 100 years ago
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Penn Central New Haven Railroad New York Central Railroad

Interested in Penn Central? New York Central? Pennsylvania Railroad? New Haven Railroad? or in the smaller Eastern US railroads? Then you will be interested in "What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen". You will also enjoy "Could George Alpert have saved the New Haven?" as well as "What if the New Haven never merged with Penn Central?"

Rail Freight in Connecticut

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