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Here's a preview of some of the exciting projects we have put together for you:

Our feature article is West Shore abandonments .

We have even more about West Shore abandonments plus lots of information on other abandonments .

Follow abandoned railroads on Google Earth .

See Abandonments of New York Central "Hojack" Lines Contributed by Richard Palmer

Find out about tracking abandoned railroad mileage , see removing the Maybrook Line , and read an opinion on Abandoned Railroads .

Finally, check out our abandoned railroads reference section .

End of the line for the West Shore
End of the track: West Shore south of Amsterdam, New York
Courtesy of Gino's Railpage
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Places to find New/Recent Abandonment Proposals on the Internet:

1) Most STB (Surface Transportation Board) abandonment filings between 1999 and present are listed by year. You can then use the docket numbers or location information to search for additional information if needed, or find the full text of each abandonment from other web sites.

2) Enter a railroad company, county name, city name, etc. in the search box to list abandonment documents for that location/company. I do not know the exact date range that this database covers, but it's at least 1994 to present. Note that more than just abandonment filings are listed, so you may have to sift through the various documents that come up. Links to open each document are along the left-hand side of the page.

3) UNFINISHED RAILROADS OF NEW YORK STATE Photos, maps, and information regarding unfinished railroads across New York state.

4) RAILROAD MAPS OF NEW YORK STATE A collection of railroad maps documenting portions of several abandoned routes across New York state.


6) Abandoned Railroads Around the United States

7) All-time list of railroad names in New York State

8) Abandoned Railroads: Hojack Lines, Connecticut and Other

By Ken Kinlock at
Lackawanna milk car The Richfield Springs branch of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railway extended through Bridgewater, where it connected with the Unadilla Valley Railroad, a shortline that served Edmeston and New Berlin to Richfield Springs on Canadarago Lake, once a rather fashionable resort. Here, from 1905 until 1940, the DL&W had a passenger and freight connection with the Southern New York Railway, an interurban to Oneonta. Milk and light freight were the chief sources of revenue on this branch. Delaware Otsego subsidiary Central New York Railroad acquired this branch from Richfield Jct. to Richfield Springs, 22 miles, in 1973. Enginehouse was at Richfield Springs. Became part of NYS&W northern division after NYS&W bought the DL&W Syracuse & Utica branches from Conrail in 1982. Traffic on line gradually dropped off. Line east from Bridgewater embargoed in 1990. Abandoned and track removed in 1995, westerly 2-3 miles left in place for stone trains. In 2009: This old railroad is now owned by the Utica, Chenango and Susquehanna Valley LLC in Richfield Springs. They also own the 1930 Newark Milk and Cream Company creamery in South Columbia.

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Fly Along the West Shore!

If you have "GOOGLE EARTH" installed on your computer, you can "fly" along the West Shore from Selkirk to Kirkville Junction (Syracuse) and many other abandoned railroads with the "PLACEMARKs" below: (Click to get GOOGLE EARTH)

The Shepaug Railroad in Connecticut

Harlem Division New York Central Railroad

Cape Cod Railroads

The Canal Line of the New Haven Railroad

The West Shore of the New York Central

The New York Central Adirondack Division to Lake Placid

What's left of the New York Central's Putnam Division?

The Central New England Railway

The Peoria & Eastern Railway

Troy & Schenectady Railroad

Aqueduct Siding T&S Railroad

New York Central Catskill Mountain Branch

Hojack Line

Parc Linéaire Le P`tit Train Du Nord from Saint-Jerome to Mount Laurier
We will be adding more routes
Because many of the locations on our tour have varying "resolutions" of the pictures, you may need to stop the tour and adjust the height you are viewing.
On several locations, you may also stop the tour and click on the placemark icon for more information.

Tell us where you want to fly and give us any of your comments
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See KC Jones BLOG about Railroad History
KC Jones


Abandoned Railroads
of the Pacific Northwest

Abandoned Railroads of the US
Abandoned Railroads of Canada
The name says it all

List of New York Railroads
Scott's Railroad Archaeology Page
West Shore Railroad

The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad
National Association of Timetable Collectors
Index to Railroad Historical Societies
Railroad History Database
Railway & Locomotive Historical Society
Our favorite Short Lines
Interesting Railway Stations
New York Central Branch from DeKalk Junction to Ogdensburg, In 1861, the Potsdam & Watertown line merged into the Watertown&Rome, the name of the new railroad was changed to Rome, Watertown&Ogdensburg, and a 19-mile line built from DeKalb Junction to Ogdensburg. It lasted until the 1980's. Read the whole story.

Railroads On The Rebound

Over the last 50+ years, railroads have changed a lot. Now they are about to change again.

It is all about a combination of economic factors and climate factors.

Since 1950 , railroads have consolidated. Freight moved from a "box car mentality" to a "unit train,mentality". Passenger went from a robust business to a "caretaker" arrangement called AMTRAK. This happened as everybody could drive for free on the Interstate Highway System or fly on an airline system where the government subsidized both airlines and airports. In the meantime, railroad express and railroad post offices went "down the tubes". The old Post Office Department and the Railway Express Agency could not adjust to the new way. UPS and Fex Ex could.
Garbage Truck

Tahawus: Railroad to a Mine, Does it have a Future?

Brief history of a railroad to a mine in the middle of New York State's Adirondack Park. Part of the railroad (Saratoga Springs to North Creek) is a tourist line with dinner trains and ski trains.
Will the last section to the mine come back to life?

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Penn Central New Haven Railroad New York Central Railroad

Interested in Penn Central? New York Central? Pennsylvania Railroad? New Haven Railroad? or in the smaller Eastern US railroads? Then you will be interested in "What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen". You will also enjoy "Could George Alpert have saved the New Haven?" as well as "What if the New Haven never merged with Penn Central?"

Several years ago I wrote a story on the major railroads of 1950 and what happened to them.

Now I am following up with a closer examination of the New York Central Railroad. This railroad only lasted until 1968 when it merged into Penn Central.

But, what was the NY Central Railroad like in 1950?

You will also be interested in "What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen"

When was the West Shore abandoned?

Ever wonder when the West Shore Division of the New York Central was abandoned?

Weehawken to Rotterdam Junction (RJ)

Always important, never abandoned.
Tower "RJ": mile marker 159.6; open day and night in 1961 but closed by 1965. Connection to New York Central mainline at Hoffmans.
NYC continued to operate the West Shore as it was built until the early 20's, when plans were made to construct a bypass around the difficulties of freight operation through Albany. The "Selkirk Bypass," as it was called, incorporated a high steel bridge across the river, and a two-hump classification yard in the swampy area between Selkirk and South Bethlehem. This yard evolved into today's modern Selkirk Yard.
A piece of the original route between Feura Bush and Ravena through South Bethlehem was abandoned in sections over the years after Selkirk was originally built (1924) and when it was rebuilt (1967).

Rotterdam Junction (RJ) to South Amsterdam

Continued to South Amsterdam mile marker 165.9
At Cranesville (mile marker 161) on the stub of the old New York Central West Shore it served a large quarry (Cushing) and several other industries.
This section was torn up in 2004 after being out of service for several years.
The Surface Transportation Board issued the following:
To abandon and CSXT to discontinue service over approximately 6.3 miles of railroad from milepost QGW 159.6 to milepost QGW 165.9, between South Amsterdam in Montgomery County and Rotterdam Junction in Schenectady County, NY. Effective on April 24, 2003. (STB Docket Nos. AB

A contractor scrapped the line from mile marker 165 or so back to mile marker 161 (Pattersonville) making this now end of track.
At Cushing, there is an old model 40 EMC center cab switcher clearly visable from the highway.
The connection to the NYC main at Hoffmans, as well as the reconfiguring and separation of grades between there and Fullers, were part of the Selkirk/Castleton bypass project.

South Amsterdam to Fort Plain

Torn up by Conrail when the Beech-Nut business in Canajoharie dried up.
(Out of service in 1981)
Canajoharie (mile marker 190.3) was the only station open on the line at the end.
A twice-weekly freight from Selkirk ran to Fort Plain and laid over.

Fort Plain to Ilion/Herkimer

In the early 1970's, the line had been cut between Fort Plain and Ilion (by Penn Central).
The West Shore served the Ilion plant of Remington Arms, delivering coal for the power plant. This stopped in the late 50's or early 60's. The tracks came off the West Shore near East North Street and ran south, crossing East North and East Clark St (near the present day Crossway's Tavern). They then turned west and ran down the middle of Main Street between the Remington factories that were on either side of the street. Just before Otsego Street the tracks turned south into the plant where the coal would be unloaded. I understand Remington had their own switcher to do this.

Herkimer to Harbor

Harbor (mile marker 226.2; connection to NYC mainline near Utica).
Connection continued West of Harbor to serve industries on Broad Street industrial trackage in Utica.
The Harbor connection (CP-24) lasted until at least 1987.
It served both the Broad St. Industrial Track and the West Shore eastward to Frankfort, South Ilion, and Mohawk.
Line was first cut back to Frankfort where the ex-West Shore RR shops were still standing, and some of the yard trackage was still there.
CP-24 was always Harbor Connection to Tk. 2 only.
No need for crossover to Tk. 1 as CP-25 was a universal plus access to the North Control Siding and Utica Yd.
Double track connection to Utica Yard was via the overhead bridge at CP-24.

Harbor to South Utica

The line through South Utica to a junction with the NYC mainline at Harbor was cut after 1965.
This section featured at least 16 unprotected grade crossings that required a flagman to cross. Industrial trackage which served the old textile mills in New York Mills left the West Shore.
In 1949, this line was double tracked and had a 35 MPH speed limit.
By 1961, it was single tracked and had a 15 MPH speed limit.

South Utica to Vernon

The line between South Utica and Vernon was cut between 1961 and 1965.
1961 employee timetable shows it open, 1965 timetable does not.
The Rome Daily Sentinal from May 3, 1964 announced: "The New York Central Railroad is seeking permission to abandon a 12.3-mile section of its West Shore line from New York Mills to near Vernon.
A 1969 publication of Waldo Nielsen's "Guide to Abandoned Railroads" states that Vernon to Utica was abandoned in 1966.
The only piece left is the 1/2 mile or so in New Hartford ( part of the NYS&W New York Mills Industrial)

Vernon to Canastota

Canastota was an interchange with the Lehigh Valley.
NYC/PC left the main at Canastota on a switch back and ran east to Vernon 3 days a week in the 50's.
There was switching action at the Beacon Feed Mill, Dalton Lumber, Chapman Gas , coal for Oneida Ltd and a few customers (feed, grain, farm machinery) in Vernon.

Canastota to Kirkville Junction

Before 1961, the line between Canastota and Kirkville Junction was abandoned and connection to the main line was at Canastota.
Kirkville Junction was the start of the Syracuse Division.
"CONRAIL" by MBI publications, states that the New York Central cut it's West Shore as a through route between Utica and Buffalo in the mid '50's.

Kirkville Junction to Buffalo

Now abandoned almost completely.
The only portion still in use is west of Rochester.

More About West Shore Abandonments

1969 publication of Waldo Nielsen's "Guide to Abandoned Railroads" says that Syracuse to Fairport was abandoned between 1951 and 1961 and that Churchville to Oakfield was abandoned in the same time frame.

What's left west of Syracuse?


Jordon, NY-Jordon Industral (Old Westshore/NYC Yard)

Churchville, NY: the NYC realinment to the west of Churchville where the main line tied into the West Shore to by pass the grade crossing through town.

The present CSX Chicago Line from East Syracuse to Belle Isle was originally the West Shore main around Syracuse. The bridge abutments date to about 1883, and the NYC bridge numbers are based on Weehawken mileage.

2 stub sideings at the Glen Falls Lehigh Portland Cement in Solvay.

Today's "West Shore Branch" runs from Chili to Fairport but this is but a short segement of the West Shore Railroad.
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Tyler City Station: WebSite about abandoned rail in Western Connecticut

Tyler City Station
a pleasant and informative cyber-destination and a starting point for those interested in the history of railroads. The focus will be on those in southwestern Connecticut, but we may take a side track into other local historical topics spinning off from railroads in this and possibly in other geographic areas as well. The important role that the railroad played in the development of this state and this country can hardly be overestimated.

Here is an idea of the contents: Track 1. Tyler City - Railroad Boom Town; Track 2. The New Haven and Derby Railroad, 1864-1941; Track 3. New Haven and Derby Extra: Locomotive roster, statistics, officials; Track 4. New Haven and Derby Mainline: Tour from New Haven to Ansonia; Track 5. New Haven and Derby Extension: Tour from Derby Jct. to Botsford; Track 6. The Iron Horse in New Haven, 1838-1920; Track 7. New Haven Extra - Photo and archival materials; Track 8. West Haven: Railroads and Orphans; Track 9. Brookfield and its Railroads, 1840-1941; Track 10. Danbury and its Railroads, 1850-1920; Track 11. Bridgeport; Track 12. Waterbury; Track 13. Terryville; Track 14. Middletown; Track 15. Hartford.

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Other Abandonments in New York State

Line Name Segment Railroad Miles Prior Company Date
Chateguay Branch Plumadore to Lake Clear Jct D&H 22
Sackets Harbor branch Sackets Harbor to Watertown NY Central 11

Cape Vincent Branch Limerick to Cape Vincent NY Central 16

Adirondack Division Malone to Gabriels NY Central

Ogdensburg Branch Ogdensburg to River Gate NY Central 42
St. Lawrence Division Watertown to Roots NY Central 8
St. Lawrence Division Lyons Falls to Lowville NY Central 13
Adirondack Division Gabriels to Lake Clear Junction NY Central 5
Chateguay Branch Lyon Mt to Dannemora D&H 16
Carthage Branch Watertown to Great Bend NY Central 10
Carthage Branch Great Bend- Carthage NY Central 7
Adirondack Division Snow Junction to Lake Placid PC 110 New York Central 1972
Clayton Branch Clayton to Philadelphia PC 22 New York Central 1973
Harlem Division Millerton to Chatham Conrail 35 New York Central 1976
Cape Vincent Branch Watertown to Limerick Conrail 8 New York Central 1976
Gouverneur & Oswegatchie Branch Emeryville to Edwards Conrail 6 New York Central 1978
Adirondack Division Malone to Huntingdon Conrail 56 NY Central 1980, 1983
Harlem Division Wassaic to Millerton Conrail 11 New York Central 1980
Chateguay Branch Dannamora to Otis Jct D&H 20
Aqueduct Branch CP9-Aqueduct Conrail 3.8 New York Central 1983
Camden Secondary Rome to McConnellsville Conrail 10.1 New York Central 1983
Dolgeville Branch Little Falls-Dolgeville New York Central 9.9 New York Central 1964
Adirondack Division Herkimer-Poland Penn Central 16.5 New York Central 1972
Adirondack Division Prospect Junction to Poland. New York Central ? New York Central 1943
Maybrook Branch Maybrook-Highland
(Either side of the Poughkeepsie Bridge)
Conrail 21.2 New Haven 1983
Poughkeepsie Secondary Track Poughkeepsie-Hopewell Jct Conrail 11.6 New Haven 1983
Wallkill Valley Kingston-New Paltz Conrail ? New York Central 1977
Wallkill Valley Walden-New Paltz Conrail 38.8 New York Central 1983
Complete list of NYC's Putnam Division abandonments
Unadilla Valley Railroad
New York Central Railroad
New York Central Railroad by king5021
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New York Central Home Page Ominous Ecology

Greenland's ice caps are melting! Find out more about Global Warming at our Ominous Ecology WebSite.

Other railroad abandonments interesting to me because they relate to areas I have written about. Courtesy of

Delaware & Hudson Troy Branch:
NEW YORK – DELAWARE AND HUDSON RAILWAY COMPANY, INC, dba CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY - To abandon a 1.3 mile line of railroad known as the Troy Branch extending from milepost T1.81 at Green Island to milepost T3.11 at Cohoes, in Albany County, NY. Effective on March 19, 2004. (STB Docket No. AB-156 (Sub-No. 24X, decided February 9, served February 18, 2004)
Poughkeepsie Hospital Branch:
NEW YORK – NEW YORK AND EASTERN RAILWAY, LLC/CSX/ NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES, LLC – For NY&E and CSXT to discontinue service over and for NYC to abandon an approximately 4.7-mile line of railroad between milepost QCO 0.0 and milepost QCO 3.2 and between milepost QCK 29.5 and milepost QCK 31.0, in the City and Town of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY. A final decision will be issued by October 15, 2004. (STB Docket No. AB-873X, AB-55 (Sub-No. 652X), AB-565 (Sub-No. 17X, decided July 13, served July 19, 2004)
New York Central Putnam Division:
NEW YORK – NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES, LLC - To abandon and CSXT to discontinue service over an approximately 1.5-mile line of railroad between milepost QVP 0.0 at Melrose Avenue and milepost QVP 1.5 near the southernmost edge of the tunnel at Southern Boulevard in Bronx County, NY. Effective on April 17, 2003. (STB Docket Nos. AB-565 (Sub-No. 13X) and AB-55 (Sub-No. 628X, decided March 11, served March 18, 2003)
Delaware & Hudson Albany Main:
NEW YORK – DELAWARE AND HUDSON RAILWAY CO. INC., D/B/A CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY - To abandon a 9.14+/- mile portion of railroad known as the Albany Main or the Voorheesville Running Track, between milepost 10.94+/- and milepost 1.8+/- in Albany County, NY. Effective on July 16, 2003. (STB Docket No. AB-156 (Sub-No. 23X, decided June 9, served June 16, 2003)
Long Island Garden City branch:
GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK - LONG ISLAND RAILROAD CO. - To discontinue service over a line of railroad between milepost 18.8 in Garden City and milepost 21.0 in Garden City, Nassau County, NY, a distance of 2.2 miles. A final decision will be issued by September 6, 2002. (STB Docket No. AB-837X, decided June 5, served June 10, 2002)
South Shore Branch:
INDIANA - CHICAGO SOUTHSHORE & SOUTH BEND RAILROAD - To abandon a line from a connection at the east end of CSS's Lincoln Yard near Second Street to the end of the line at the facility of the Pioneer Lumber Company, a distance of less than 1/2 mile in Laporte County, Indiana. This line may have been a part of another carrier's main line years ago. Final decision by November 16, 2001. (STB Docket No. AB-344, Sub No. 1X, decided August 14, served August 20, 2001)
New York City Cross Harbor Railroad:
NEW YORK - NEW YORK CROSS HARBOR RAILROAD, INC - Asked to authorize the abandonment by New York Cross Harbor Railroad, Inc. (NYCH), of the Bush Terminal Yard (a/k/a ``First Avenue Yard'') and the Harborside Industrial Center (a/k/a ``Brooklyn Army Terminal'') (jointly the Tracks and Facilities), in New York, Kings County, NY. (STB Docket No. AB-596, decided December 14, served December 21, 2001)
Boston & Maine Watertown Branch:
MASSACHUSETTS - BOSTON & MAINE - To abandon the Bemis Branch from m.p. 8.83 to m.p. 10.94, 2.11 miles, in Waltham and Watertown, MA. Written comments due by June 12. (STB Docket No. AB-32, Sub No. 89, decided May 15, served May 18, 2000)

Tracking Abandoned Railroad Mileage

See an extensive database of railroad mileage

Source for mileage and owner road marks:
* National Transportation Atlas Databases, 1999 *
* National Rail Network 1:100,000 *
* Bureau of Transportation Statistics (comp.) *
* U.S. Department of Transportatation *
* Washington, DC *

The data covers the 48 contiguous states plus Hawaii.
The mileage was derived by computing the length of each line and summing by owner mark and status. This process may have resulted in significant cumulative errors. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Copyright 1999 James R. Irwin
Permission is granted to copy and distribute this listing provided that this notice, the citations, and the copyright are included.
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Key Lock & Lantern
Railroad Station at Troy, New York

Railroad Station at Troy, New York

The station in Troy was owned by the Troy Union Rail Road. The TURR lasted from the mid 19th Century till the mid 20th Century. It was owned by the New York Central, Delaware & Hudson and Boston & Maine. Access from the South was from Rensselaer; from the West, via the Green Island Bridge; from the North was street running almost the entire length of Troy. See Penney's blog for more information (and a great movie from the 1950's).

Everything B&M is out of Troy now. No more Strates Shows to Troy!

Speaking of Radio Stations, we have a great WebSite about General Electric Company Radio Station WGY in nearby Schenectady. We expect to add some early television soon.
Richfield Springs

The Central New York Railroad
ran to
Richfield Springs.

This traffic signal controlled cars on
historic Route 20 for many years.
Railroad Collectors Association
Removing Maybrook Line

Removing the Maybrook Line tracks in 1983

Photo by the late Austin McEntee

Nine years after the big bridge in Poughkeepsie burned the tracks of the Maybrook Line were removed. This photo shows the last train on the line picking up the sections of rail as they were torn up. The rails were in section as much as a quarter mile long. They were winched onto a set of special train cars with racks to fit the rails. This was the very last train to pass over the Maybrook Line. When it was gone there were no more rails.

A group of dedicated rail fans were braving the winter cold to witness the sad events. After 90 years of service the Maybrook Line will fade into the history books. There will be no more trains but Dutchess County purchased the abandoned roadbed with the intention of building a north south highway but those plans did not work out. Instead the County will use the property as a utility corridor and bury water lines under the old ballast. The plan also includes paving it to form a hiking and bicycling “rail trail” for public use. The scene in this photo will be the Hopewell Junction end of the rail trail with a parking area. The depot in the distance is being restored to become a museum and educational facility for the town. There may not be any more trains on the Maybrook Line but a bit of Hopewell Junction’s railroad history will be preserved in the old depot.

Click here to see more on the Central New England Railroad in Hopewell Junction

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Cape Cod
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Canal Line today through New Haven

Canal Line today through New Haven

Connecticut's Farmington Canal was converted to a railroad by 1848. The road was named the New Haven & Northampton, but has always been called the Canal Line. The road's first terminal in New Haven was between Temple Street and Hillhouse Avenue. Click Here or on any of the pictures to read about its history, present and the future
New Haven's Canal Line New Haven's Canal Line New Haven's Canal Line
The railroads were way overbuilt in the 19th century. There were just too many railroads and they were terribly inefficient. With modern technology today's railroads move far more freight than they did 50 years ago.

Certainly railroads are needed, and in my opinion, we need more electric railroads since then can be powered by coal rather than oil.

Here's my radical solution: Tax gasoline more and subsidize public transportation. Commuter buses and rails should be FREE. It's the only way we are really going to reduce our dependance on foreign oil.
Train Times Book

Harvard Professor John R. Stilgoe states that: ‘Train travel will supplant highway and air travel in the next few decades. Furthermore, electric railroads will increasingly be used to distribute freight items as well as mail and express packages.’
According to Stilgoe the three prime factors driving railroad development are population growth, rising gas prices, and advanced technology.

“In the 1930s it was possible to order a fridge in the morning and have it delivered by train later the same day,” says Stilgoe. “Americans forgot about this, but we’re starting to put it back together.”
Stilgoe slso wrote an excellent yet overlooked book on railroads and the built environment shaped by them called Metropolitan Corridor:Railroads and the American Scene that I highly recommend.
Whats most interesting is that the book is 6 months old and already much has changed in that brief time to further move us toward a new era of the train and seemingly away from our old era of the highway and sprawl, particularly with respect to the financial crisis, foreclosure mess, high gas prices, politics of "change" and global warming awareness.
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